Paisley thug who repeatedly struck man with broken bottle handed jail term

Paisely Sheriff Court
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Neil)

A thug who repeatedly struck a man with a broken bottle and showed “little remorse” has been handed a jail term.

Ian Leonard previously appeared in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court for sentencing on two separate occasions after background reports had been summoned.

On the first occasion, Leonard – who admitted in February to assaulting David Downs and threatening police officers – was to blame for the lack of reports after failing to meet with social workers.

The 33-year old claimed this was because he had been attacked and was kept in hospital overnight. Sheriff Gillian Craig remanded the thug in custody at this point for “not taking matters seriously”.

And last month, when Leonard was due to be sentenced, the reports again weren’t available as he claimed to be “unwell in prison”.

He was given “one last chance” to cooperate with social workers.

At his latest sentencing hearing, the reports were finally available – but even Leonard’s defence agent stated they were “not massively positive”.

He added: “It is not a great report and we have to accept that.

“He has spent a period of time on remand. Initially, when the case first called and then, since April, when your ladyship remanded him in custody.

“He hasn’t complied with lots of things during the course of this and he understands this will have an impact on sentencing.

“Perhaps a supervised release order would be beneficial.”

Sheriff Gillian Craig stated: “It’s going to be a custodial disposal unless you persuade me otherwise.”

Leonard’s solicitor added: “He has been residing in Glasgow prior to this period of remand and he is concerned an extended period in custody will result in the loss of his property.

“He’s not quite the revolving door but he is frequently in and out of trouble and he needs the support to stop that cycle.

“His mother is in court today and is offering her support which is very positive.”

The thug admitted assaulting Mr Downs on December 8, 2020, at a flat in Paisley’s Stock Street.

Leonard repeatedly struck Downs to the body with a broken bottle, causing him “severe injury” and permanent disfigurement.

On the same date, Leonard also caused “fear or alarm” in Paisley’s Espedair Street by shouting, swearing and threatening cops with violence.

The brute was subject to a court order made at Glasgow Sheriff Court just two weeks prior at the time of the offences.

Sheriff Craig slammed Leonard, stating: “There is very little to commend you for.

“You failed initially to cooperate with reports and within them you’ve been disingenuous, you refused to talk about the incident and you denied your drug use.

“You are a dangerous individual and there’s a high risk of reoffending.

“There is no alternative but a custodial sentence.”

Leonard was jailed for 14 months but backdated to April 4 when he was remanded.

Sheriff Craig also made Leonard subject to a post-release supervision order for six months meaning he will be subject to supervision of the social work department when he is released from custody.

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