Pakistan extremists: Don't free Christian woman on death row

FILE - In this Nov. 20, 2010, file photo, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, listens to officials at a prison in Sheikhupura near Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan's Supreme Court has postponed its ruling on the final appeal of Bibi who has been on death row since 2010 after being convicted of blasphemy against Islam. Bibi's case has generated international outrage, but within Pakistan it has fired up radical Islamists, who use the blasphemy law to rally supporters and intimidate mainstream political parties. (AP Photo, File)

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — A Pakistani extremist Islamist party is demanding the country's Supreme Court uphold the death sentence for a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy.

Asia Bibi has appealed her sentence and the court earlier this week postponed ruling on the final appeal. Her lawyers say she was falsely accused.

The Tehreek-e-Labbaik party said on Wednesday that if the court's three-judge panel frees Bibi, the judges will face "consequences." The party also says its supporters will rally on Friday to demand death for Bibi.

The charge against Bibi dates back to a hot day in 2009 when she went to get water for fellow farmworkers. Two Muslim women refused to drink from a container used by a Christian.

Bibi was later accused of insulting Islam's prophet, a charge which carries the death penalty.