Pakistan vs Australia LIVE! Wade wins it - T20 World Cup semi-final match stream, latest score and updates today

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Pakistan vs Australia LIVE! Wade wins it - T20 World Cup semi-final match stream, latest score and updates today

Pakistan vs Australia - LIVE!

Matthew Wade got Australia over the line in stunning fashion in Dubai, as they secured their place in Sunday’s T20 World Cup final against New Zealand, who beat England in the first semi-final.

Australia needed 37 runs off the last 18 balls, with Wade and Marcus Stoinis at the crease. Hasan Ali dropped Wade in the deep in the 19th over, and the wicketkeeper then hit three incredible sixes in a row to seal the win with six deliveries to spare.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan had earlier put on another impressive opening partnership, with Rizwan finishing on 67.

Fakhar Zaman added an unbeaten half-century to get Pakistan up to 176/4 off their 20 overs, on what looked to be a good pitch.

Aaron Finch fell for a golden duck in the opening over, with Shaheen Shah Afridi producing a new-ball clinic. Shadab Khan then took four wickets, including the big one of David Warner for 49, as Pakistan appeared to take control

But Wade had other ideas, as the tournament served up another semi-final classic.

Here’s how the action unfolded LIVE with Standard Sport’s blog below...

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Pakistan vs Australia latest news

  • Wade gets Australia home with three sixes

  • Shadab takes huge wicket of Warner

  • Finch goes for golden duck

  • Late cameo gets Pakistan up to 176

  • Rizwan falls after brilliant 67

Conway out of final

18:41 , Matt Verri

Devon Conway will not play a part in Sunday’s final against Australia, with the New Zealand man breaking his hand.

The batsman suffered the injury punching his bat, after he was dismissed against England in the semi-final.

Bizarre injury, but absolutely gutting for Conway.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Standard Sport’s man on the ground...

18:33 , Matt Verri

Have a read of Will Macpherson’s full report from Dubai, on another remarkable semi-final.

Australia stun Pakistan as Stoinis and Wade lead charge to T20 World Cup final

Sunday’s final

18:25 , Matt Verri

So, it’s New Zealand vs Australia in Sunday’s final.

Pakistan and England were the two best sides in the Super 12 stage, but that doesn’t matter one bit. They’ve both been knocked out as a result of late onslaughts.

We will have a first-time winner of the competition, that we know for sure. Should be a brilliant match.

18:17 , Matt Verri

Babar and Rizwan are now first and second for runs in the T20 World Cup. The Pakistan captain leads the way with 303, while Rizwan has finished on 281.

The pair will stay there, unless David Warner can produce a big innings in the final.

The Australian opener is on 236 currently, so he’ll need at least 68 on Sunday against New Zealand if he wants to overtake Babar.

Rizwan put concerns behind him

18:09 , Matt Verri

Rizwan, who hit 67 as Pakistan posted 176, is reported to have spent two nights in ICU with a chest infection since his side’s last Super 12 game.

He and Babar were sensational all tournament, but it wasn’t quite enough to pull Pakistan to the final.


Finch wasn’t sure about the toss..

18:03 , Matt Verri

“It’s really strange. There’s no dew, but the lights take effect and the wicket speeds up a bit. I was hoping to lose the toss and put a total on the board and defend it, but it was good to chase that target down in the end.”

Aaron Finch hails Wade

18:02 , Matt Verri

“It was a great game of cricket. The way Matthew Wade held his nerve was outstanding, that partnership with Marcus Stoinis was crucial.

“I thought we were pretty sloppy today, we dropped a couple, though they were tough ones. But what we showed today was that you need all your players, everyone in your 15 to contribute.”

On his golden duck, after that brilliant Shaheen opening over:

“I just got my feet in a tangle first up.

“It happens, in T20 cricket you get some good ones every now and then.”

17:59 , Matt Verri

Here’s how Matthew Wade finished it off for Australia. 41 of 17 balls, a match-winning innings.

Babar Azam the disappointed captain

17:57 , Matt Verri

“The way we started in the first half, we got the total we targeted. But we gave them too much of a chance at the end of the chase.

“If we had taken that catch, it might have made the difference. But the way we played this tournament, the way we gelled, I’m very satisfied as a captain.

“I hope we try and learn from our mistakes after this.”

Here’s what Wade has to say...

17:50 , Matt Verri

“When I got out there with Marcus, he was really confident we’d get them, even though I was a little unsure.

“He found the boundaries early on, and I was happy to chip in at the end. It got down to two a ball, and from there it was if you got one in your arc, just try to hit it.

“Probably hasn’t sunk in, I’ve just finished batting. I’m just happy to contribute. I was out of the team for a while, just happy I got an opportunity again.”

17:47 , Matt Verri

Just like yesterday in Abu Dhabi, we have an incredible finish.

Wade with three sixes off Shaheen, including two ramps, to get his side over the line. Dropped by Hasan Ali when Australia needed 20 runs off 10 balls.

It was all over just a few deliveries later. Stunning from Wade.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

17:41 , Matt Verri

Australia beat Pakistan by five wickets!

SIX AGAIN! Matthew Wade is 35 off 16 balls, right when his country needed it.

It’s not great from Shaheen. In the slot, but Wade still has to put it away. He LAUNCHES it over the leg-side boundary for a massive six.


Wade goes SIX, SIX, SIX. It’s an unbelievable finish in Dubai.

17:39 , Matt Verri

AUS 165/5 (18.4 overs)

Stoinis 40, Wade 29

Attempted yorker to Wade ... wide. Well down the leg side.

DROPPED! Hasan Ali has dropped Wade! In the slot, slogged into the leg side. Hasan gets there, but the ball goes straight through his fingers. Overran it, and that’s a massive moment. Australia get back for two.

AND SIX NEXT BALL! That drop has proved pivotal! Shaheen goes full, Wade has produced an absolutely stunning scoop shot and it’s flown away for six. What. A. Shot.

Australia need 12 runs off 8 balls.

17:36 , Matt Verri

AUS 156/5 (18.2 overs)

Stoinis 40, Wade 21

Stoinis attempts the pull, but it stays lower. Bottom edge, lands just short of Rizwan. But it’s a dot. Big appeal for lbw next ball, but surely pitched outside the line. They get a leg bye. Pakistan reviewing it though... not out. Did indeed pitch outside.

Australia need 21 runs off 10 balls

17:32 , Matt Verri

AUS 155/5 (18.0 overs)

Stoinis 40, Wade 21

Collision with Hasan as he tries to turn for the second run stops Stoinis from coming back. Wade hitting it well though, flicks it away for a couple to deep midwicket. Australia right in this still.

WADE HITS IT FOR SIX! Right in the slot, it went as high as it did far, but it’s long enough straight down the ground. 50 partnership up.

Fuller length, and Wade can only get a single. Stoinis pulled it away, straight to the fielder though. Single.

Last ball of the over... FOUR. That. Is. Huge.

Australia need 22 off 12 balls.

17:29 , Matt Verri

Hasan to bowl his fourth over. This is a massive, massive six balls coming up.

17:27 , Matt Verri

AUS 140/5 (17.0 overs)

Stoinis 38, Wade 8

Haris Rauf’s third over coming up. Stoinis punches it straight back to him, dot. That’s in the slot... there to hit... Malik does brilliantly on the boundary to keep it to two. Stoinis nailed that.

SIX! Australia needed that! Short, and pulled away over midwicket. It was a slower ball, sat up to be dispatched.

FOUR MORE! Stoinis is motoring. Drilled straight, and Shadab at long-off can’t stop it. So strong.

Dot. Too good, cramping the batsman up. Pull off the last ball, Stoinis will keep the strike.

Australia need 37 off 18 balls.

17:21 , Matt Verri

AUS 127/5 (16.0 overs)

Stoinis 25, Wade 8

Hasan Ali to bowl his third. Australia have to target this, considering the ability of Shaheen and Rauf.

Stoinis does just that, full ball driven away through the covers for four. Clips the next ball away for a couple... and it’s a no-ball!

Free hit. Pulled powerfully, but fielder cuts it off. Another two for Stoinis. Good off-cutter, only a single. Hasan responding well to the pressure after a poor start. Dot to finish, and a really important dot it is.

Australia need 50 off 24 balls.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

17:16 , Matt Verri

Pakistan in control here, but so were England last night.

17:15 , Matt Verri

AUS 115/5 (15.0 overs)

Stoinis 15, Wade 7

Shaheen back into the attack. Pakistan with another chance of a run-out... and another miss! The bowler gathers the ball as they try to sneak a single, throws it at Stoinis’ end with the batsman well short, but he can’t hit the stumps.

Wade then completely beaten by a rapid bouncer. Yorker clipped away for a single. Brilliant over so far.

Stoinis with the leading edge, but just wide of point. They come back for a second.

17:10 , Matt Verri

AUS 109/5 (14.0 overs)

Stoinis 11, Wade 5

Haris Rauf back into the attack. Bad news for Australia is he still has three overs to bowl.

Stoinis sends Wade back, but the wicketkeeper has already committed too far. Shadab has the chance to throw the stumps down, but misses.

Wade tries to run it down to third man, edges it... just short of Rizwan. That’s better, full and hit straight back over the bowler’s head. Inches away from being six. Mis-times the pull shot next ball, but lands safe and they jog through for a single.

17:04 , Matt Verri

AUS 103/5 (13.0 overs)

Stoinis 11, Wade 0

Nearly five for Shadab! Wow, Stoinis doesn’t care about the wickets tumbling. Ball tossed up, and he smacks it over deep midwicket for six. Fielder looked like he was in business for a second there.

Australia need 74 of 42 balls, with five wickets in hand.

17:02 , Matt Verri

Australia have just not found a way to play Shadab. They’re in huge trouble now.

17:01 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Maxwell c Rauf b Shadab 7

Australia 96/5 (12.2 overs)


Maxwell could have just seen off the spinner’s final over, but he decides not to. Reverse sweep again, makes better connection this time, but it’s straight down the throat of Rauf on the fence.

17:00 , Matt Verri

AUS 95/4 (12.0 overs)

Maxwell 7, Stoinis 3

Imad Wasim back, and very happy to see Warner is no longer at the crease.

Stoinis finding things much harder than his teammate did... three dots to start the over. Punches the fourth ball away for a single.

Maxwell lines up for a big shot, but decides against it. A couple off the final ball, reverse sweep that hits the top edge and balloons over the keeper.

16:56 , Matt Verri

AUS 92/4 (11.0 overs)

Maxwell 5, Stoinis 2

Stoinis the new man in. Maxwell very nearly gets a thick edge straight to short third-man... drops short.

Incredibly, the replays are showing Warner didn’t get anything on that ball! Clear delight between bat and ball. But Rizwan and Shadab went straight up, and Warner walked off! That is crazy.

Australia’s World Cup hopes could be decided on that.

16:52 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Warner c Rizwan b Shadab 49

Australia 89/4 (10.1 overs)


First ball after drinks, and David Warner is gone! Shadab throws it up out wide, Warner tries to drive it, but he gets an edge on it and Rizwan takes it.

Pakistan very much on top now.

16:48 , Matt Verri

AUS 89/3 (10.0 overs)

Warner 49, Maxwell 4

It’s Warner versus Pakistan. The left-hander effectively sweeps Hasan Ali away for four to the fine-leg boundary. So good.

How will Maxwell play the situation? RRR is not an issue, but Australia can’t afford to keep losing wickets. Works a short ball away for a couple.

Terrible running! Maxwell nudges it into the off-side, calls the run... Warner would have been gone by yards had Fakhar Zaman hit. Huge misjudgement.

16:43 , Matt Verri

AUS 80/3 (9.0 overs)

Warner 43, Maxwell 1

Glenn Maxwell in, and he and Warner wisely decide to take no further risks in the over. Three singles.

16:41 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Smith c Zaman b Shadab 5

Australia 77/3 (8.3 overs)

Shadab to continue, and Warner to hit his third six of the match! Down the pitch, and lofts it over long-on.

But Steve Smith is gone now! He tries to hit a huge six into the leg side, but doesn’t catch it at all. Fakhar Zaman runs in, steadies himself, and takes the catch.

16:37 , Matt Verri

AUS 70/2 (8.0 overs)

Warner 34, Smith 5

WHAT WAS THAT! Hafeez into the attack, and he channels his inner village part-timer. Ball slips out, bounces a couple of times, but Warner doesn’t care and smashes it into the crowd for six! But it’s also a no-ball, and so a free hit.

Warner comes back for the second after a misfield. Hafeez fires in a wide down the leg side... we’ve got the full set going on.

Hafeez does well to get out of the over without too much damage, after that shambolic start.

16:33 , Matt Verri

AUS 57/2 (7.0 overs)

Warner 24, Smith 4

First ball, and Steve Smith tries to paddle-sweep it! Misses it, and lucky that didn’t hit it bang in front. Thick edge next ball, and it runs away to the third-man boundary for four.

Cuts away powerfully... Hafeez does brilliantly to stop it in the ring.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

16:30 , Matt Verri

Massive wicket for Pakistan. Warner and Marsh were suddenly looking very comfortable.

16:29 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Marsh c Ali b Shadab 28

Australia 52/2 (6.2 overs)

Shadab Khan into the attack, and into the wickets! Marsh goes for a big slog-sweep just two balls into Shadab’s spell, and he skies it.

Tough catch considering how high it went, but Asif Ali is up to the task. Pakistan break the partnership.

16:27 , Matt Verri

AUS 52/1 (6.0 overs)

Warner 23, Marsh 28

No surprise to see Imad Wasim out of the attack. Hasan Ali to bowl the sixth over.

Short, going down the leg side, and Marsh swivels and pulls it away powerfully for four. Warner looks content to knock it around for now, and get Marsh back on strike.

Single to finish the over, and to finish the powerplay. 52/1. Australia just about on top.

16:22 , Matt Verri

AUS 44/1 (5.0 overs)

Warner 21, Marsh 22

Haris Rauf into the attack. Six first ball! It’s literally a flick from Marsh, but it flies flat over the square-leg boundary. Like a bullet.

Edged to third-man... fielder can’t cut it off. Four runs. Australia motoring along all of a sudden. Great fielding from Shoaib Malik next ball, otherwise it was another boundary.

Batsmen take easy singles for the rest of the over.

16:17 , Matt Verri

AUS 30/1 (4.0 overs)

Warner 19, Marsh 10

Warner’s up and running... SIX! Imad Wasim slightly back of a length, and Warner rocks back and launches it into the crowd. 88m six.

Four to follow that, backing away and cuts that through the covers to the boundary. Four more! Warner on the charge. Down on one knee, sweeps it over fine leg in the ring.

17 runs off the over for Australia.

16:13 , Matt Verri

AUS 13/1 (3.0 overs)

Warner 4, Marsh 8

Right, Shaheen vs Australia. Round Two.

Warner gets off strike with a drive to mid-on. He’ll wish he hadn’t have now... no-ball! Free hit coming up for Marsh. Slower bouncer, really clever, and the batsman can’t connect.

Shot. Marsh with a powerful slap through the covers for four. First of the innings for Australia. Nearly inside edges onto his stumps next ball.

Yorker arrowing in on Warner’s stumps, but he keeps it out.

16:07 , Matt Verri

AUS 6/1 (2.0 overs)

Warner 3, Marsh 3

Spin of Imad Wasim into the attack. Change of pace after the carnage of the first over. Marsh backs away and hits it into the covers, and they sneak a well-run single.

Reverse sweep from Warner... nearly through for a boundary, but fielder in the ring does enough. Marsh gets a couple off the final ball, clipped away backward of square.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

16:04 , Matt Verri

That was a simply stunning first over from Shaheen Shah Afridi. Dubai is pumping.

16:02 , Matt Verri

AUS 1/1 (1.0 overs)

Warner 1, Marsh 0

Shane Watson on commentary was just talking about how good Finch’s record was against left-armers. First. Ball.

Mitch Marsh... GONE FIRST BALL IS HE?! Looks really close. Given not out. They review that immediately. Inswinging yorker, frankly unplayable. It’s incredible bowling.

He survives! Umpire’s call on impact and hitting the wickets. Marsh is a lucky, lucky boy.

Another beauty! Shorter this time, but still swinging back in, and it cuts Marsh in half. He just about survives the over. You won’t see a better start with the ball than that.

15:58 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Finch lbw Shaheen 0

Australia 1/1 (0.3 overs)

Don’t worry about reviewing that, you’re gone! Sensational delivery. It swung back in so far, and so late. Finch caught plumb in front. What a start for Pakistan! Golden duck.

15:57 , Matt Verri

Replays, replays.. and we’re suddenly back underway!

Shaheen Afridi to bowl to David Warner first up.

15:51 , Matt Verri

Steve Smith dropped Fakhar Zaman in the 19th over, and those two sixes right at the death could prove to be the difference later.

Warner and Finch will like this pitch though, and need to get their side off to a flyer.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

15:46 , Matt Verri

Australia need 177 to win. Seems a decent total from Pakistan, but the pitch is flat and chasing is simpler. Should be a belting game, this.

15:45 , Matt Verri

PAK 176/4 (20.0 overs)

Zaman 55 Hafeez 1

Australia pulling this back well. Mohammad Hafeez next in for Pakistan. Bouncer from Starc, and Hafeez gloves it away for a single.

SIX! Fakhar Zaman finishing with a flourish! Just misses the yorker, and it’s an absolutely monstrous hit over long-on. 92m.

AND AGAIN! Six more! It could be even bigger! Starc serves it up in the slot again, and it disappears once more.

Just a single to finish, but a late Fakhar Zaman fifty has got Pakistan up to 176. That’s a pretty good effort.

15:41 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Malik b Starc 1

Pakistan 162/4 (19.2 overs)

Starc to bowl the final over. Doesn’t turn to the yorker first up, good slower ball and it’s just a single to long-on.

That gets Shoaib Malik on strike, and he’s gone! Angling in, straight at the stumps, and the big swing across the line misses. Bowled.

15:38 , Matt Verri

PAK 161/3 (19.0 overs)

Zaman 41 Malik 1

DROPPED! Wow, that could prove really costly in a couple of hours. Fakhar Zaman spoons it up in the air to long-off, Smith is there again... but this time it slips through his fingers.

Shoaib Malik off the mark, cuts it away for a single. Great slower ball from Cummins, completely does Zaman. And another dot, big swing and big miss! Two runs off the first five balls... can Cummins get out of the over?

Leg-bye to finish. Three runs and a wicket. That’s brilliant work.

15:34 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Ali c Smith b Cummins 0

Pakistan 158/3 (18.1 overs)

Golden duck! He’s been Pakistan’s big six-hitter, but Asif Ali goes first ball. It was in the slot from Cummins, but it’s not out the middle of the bat and Smith can take a simple catch at long-on.

15:32 , Matt Verri

PAK 158/2 (18.0 overs)

Zaman 40, Ali 0

Zaman isn’t going to let that wicket slow him down.. SIX! Starc misses the yorker, and it’s just in the slot. Straight back down the ground for six.

Hacks another full ball away to deep midwicket next ball, and Maxwell is able to intercept. Two runs.

Four more! That’s brutal hitting. Almost takes out the umpire, who goes diving for cover. Low full toss and smoked down the ground. Big wide next ball, pressure building on Starc.

Two off the final ball, great response to the wicket from Pakistan.

15:29 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Rizwan c Smith b Starc 67

Pakistan 143/2 (17.2 overs)

Starc will bowl two of the final three overs you’d imagine. Great start, wide yorker and Rizwan can’t make contact.

And now he goes! Wide again, and Rizwan tries to hit over mid-off. Hits the top of the bat though, and balloons up for a simple catch to Steve Smith.

Wonderful innings from Rizwan, and out strides Asif Ali.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

15:26 , Matt Verri

A tough night for Josh Hazlewood, who concedes 49 from his four. I still think Pakistan need another 40-odd here. The pitch seems a belter.

15:25 , Matt Verri

PAK 143/1 (17.0 overs)

Rizwan 67, Zaman 26

Pakistan have really got to get going, get themselves up to 170 in these last four overs.

That helps.. six for Zaman! Flat, over long-off and hit so powerfully. Two off the next ball, with Hazlewood trying to bowl as full as possible. Another attempted yorker, and it’s just a single. Well bowled.

Oh no.. four, and it’s a no-ball! It wasn’t far off being head-height, and Rizwan pulls it for four!

AND THAT’S SIX! This is a huge over. Free hit costs Australia. In the slot, picked up, over the leg-side boundary for six. Single to finish the over, but the damage has been done.

15:18 , Matt Verri

PAK 122/1 (16.0 overs)

Rizwan 56, Zaman 17

Rizwan comes down the pitch, but hits it hard along the ground straight to extra-cover. Has to bring out the dive to make sure he gets hom for the single.

He steps well outside off, giving himself room for the big slog-sweep. He connects and gets it pretty fine, but Cummins is really quick to cut it off.

Slower ball deceives Zaman, dot. And just a single off the final ball of the over. Brilliant from Zampa. 4-0-22-1.

15:15 , Matt Verri

Five overs to go. Pakistan with nine wickets in hand have to go really big you’d think.

Zampa to bowl the final over of his spell...

15:14 , Matt Verri

PAK 117/1 (15.0 overs)

Rizwan 54, Zaman 14

That’s a big full toss from Cummins, steered to third-man for four by Zaman. And it’s a no ball... free hit coming!

Short, slower ball, and it will only be a single. Cummins will be very happy with that.

Rizwan and Zaman both swinging hard at every ball now, with wickets in hand. But it’s a really good finish to the over from Cummins, just five off the last five balls of the over.

15:08 , Matt Verri

PAK 106/1 (14.0 overs)

Rizwan 50, Zaman 8

Hazlewood to bowl his third. Good fielding at fine-leg from Starc to keep Rizwan’s whip to just a single.

Zaman picks up his first boundary of the innings with a heave into the leg side, and it’s right in the gap. Better from Hazlewood, slower cutter into the pitch. Dot ball.

SIX! Rizwan brings up Pakistan’s 100, and in serious style. Full, in the slot, and it’s slogged into the crowd. Slower ball, but there was nothing slow about it once it hit the bat. And that’s 50 for Rizwan, single to the off-side boundary. Lovely innings.

15:01 , Matt Verri

PAK 92/1 (13.0 overs)

Rizwan 42, Zaman 3

Starc bowled the first over, and he’s back for the first time since.

Off-stump yorker fired in, Starc so good at bowling those consistently. And now the bouncer, rattles into Rizwan’s grill. Physio will come on to check him over. There’s already swelling on the cheek, but the Pakistan opener has a big smile on his face. That hit him hard.

Fuller first ball after that brief break, and Rizwan drives it for a single.

14:55 , Matt Verri

PAK 89/1 (12.0 overs)

Rizwan 40, Zaman 2

Zampa has 1-7 off his first two overs, and he unsurprisingly is going to continue. Zaman slogs him into the leg side, but only picks up a single.

More intent from Pakistan this over... and six! Rizwan down onto one knee, and slog-sweeps it miles into the crowd. That was massive.

And now four byes, as the legbreak beats everything and Wade doesn’t get anything on it. Really good over for Pakistan now.

Single to finish, to long-off, and that’s 14 off it.

14:51 , Matt Verri

PAK 75/1 (11.0 overs)

Rizwan 31, Zaman 1

Rizwan tries a delicate dab shot to Maxwell straight after drinks, and very nearly edges it straight into Wade’s gloves.

Big appeal for caught behind off Fakhar Zaman’s first ball. Did it brush the pad going down the leg side, or was it bat? No review from Finch, and wisely so.

Rizwan finishes the over with a couple, clipped to deep midwicket. Good running.

14:47 , Matt Verri

Did Australia need that!

Last ball before drinks, and the Pakistan captain goes. Had been nearly three overs without a boundary, and Babar decided he had to do something.

Zampa again the man to make the difference for Australia.

14:45 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Babar c Warner b Zampa 39

Pakistan 71/1 (10.0 overs)

Here is Zampa, back for his second.

Babar caught going back, hits the pad but going well down the leg-side. Bowler is wary of the batsman, and maybe too wary... wide called, outside off. Pakistan captain can only knock it to long-on for a single, Australia starting to stall the momentum a bit.

Final ball of the over... BABAR IS OUT!

Pressure was slightly building, and he tries to slog sweep Zampa over long-on. Doesn’t get hold of it, and Warner takes a nice catch.

14:41 , Matt Verri

PAK 68/0 (9.0 overs)

Rizwan 27, Babar 38

Can Maxwell do something to stop the flow of runs? Just one over from Zampa in his opening spell...

Four singles off the first four balls of the over. Finch will be delighted with that, Maxwell bowling really well to his field.

And another single. Can the part-timer finish it off? He can, Babar settles for just the single. Six off it.

14:38 , Matt Verri

PAK 62/0 (8.0 overs)

Rizwan 24, Babar 35

Marsh now into the attack. The amount of bowling changes Finch has made in just eight overs tells you all you need to know.

Good running to get two off the first ball, and Babar then pulls it away to the boundary for four. Marsh under pressure.

The Pakistan captain picks up two more, with a crunching cover drive. Slow bouncer... too short, wide.

11 off the over, the openers not letting Marsh settle at all.

14:32 , Matt Verri

PAK 51/0 (7.0 overs)

Rizwan 23, Babar 26

How will they play Australia’s big threat then? They can probably afford to knock Zampa around for now, after such a good start.

They’re doing just that. Rizwan brings up Pakistan’s 50 with an easy single down to long-on. It’s another wonderful start from these two.

Single to finish. Just four runs from Zampa’s first over, but Pakistan didn’t take any risks.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

14:30 , Matt Verri

Wonderful powerplay for Pakistan, whose openers look imperious. They need to kick on and bat Australia out of the game.

Adam Zampa into the attack...

14:28 , Matt Verri

PAK 47/0 (6.0 overs)

Rizwan 21, Babar 24

Cummins has the task of bowling the last over with the fielding restrictions.

Another wonderful cover drive from Babar, but Warner chases after it well and keeps it to three. That’s four though! Really poor full-toss on the pads, and Rizwan flicks it to the fence. Maxwell’s dive not quite good enough.

Good comeback from Cummins though - two dots. BUT THAT’S DROPPED! Rizwan flicks it away to fine-leg, Zampa dives forward... and puts it down! Went so flat, really difficult chance. But the way things are going, Australia need to take everything.

Pakistan 47-0 after the first six.

14:23 , Matt Verri

PAK 38/0 (5.0 overs)

Rizwan 15, Babar 21

Hazlewood back for a second, from the other end this time. SIX! Rizwan welcomes him back into the attack, just flicks a front-foot pull shot into the crowd! Much better from him.

He tries to go again, exactly the same shot a couple of balls later... ball stays a bit lower, and he doesn’t make contact.

Australian bowler brings out the yorker, and Rizwan pushes it for a single. Finch’s side are on the defensive.

14:19 , Matt Verri

PAK 29/0 (4.0 overs)

Rizwan 6, Babar 20

Fourth over, fourth bowler. Pat Cummins this time.

Rizwan with a bit of a hack across the line, and they sneak a leg bye. Babar shows him the way - effortless flick off the pads for four. Timing is just perfect.

Cummins serving up plenty on the pads. Some very shaky running from the Pakistan openers, but eventually they work it out and survive.

14:14 , Matt Verri

PAK 21/0 (3.0 overs)

Rizwan 5, Babar 15

Interesting, Glenn Maxwell into the attack very early. Babar flicks him into the leg side for a single.

DROPPED! Wow, big moment. Rizwan dancing down the track first ball, and launches it straight back down the ground. It goes a mile up, Warner runs back from mid-off, gets there on the dive... but drops it, and it runs away for four.

Babar makes it two boundaries in the over with a powerful sweep. One bounce into the fence.

14:10 , Matt Verri

PAK 11/0 (2.0 overs)

Rizwan 0, Babar 10

Josh Hazlewood will share the new ball. Babar is putting on a clinic early on, glorious cover drive to a ball swinging away slightly. Flew to the boundary.

Good comeback though, three dots in a row to Rizwan, who is looking a bit scratchy. Very keen to get off strike, but Babar wisely avoiding any run-out mishaps.

14:05 , Matt Verri

PAK 6/0 (1.0 overs)

Rizwan 0, Babar 5

Rizwan to face the first ball of the match. Wide, goes for the drive and bottom edges it past the stumps. They get a single. Called a bye but he definitely hit that.

Babar absolutely creams his first two balls, but straight to a fielder. That’s far too straight from Starc and Babar does get one away, flicking it to fine leg for the first boundary.

Early signs... he looks in wonderful touch! Rizwan gets completely beaten final ball of the over.

14:00 , Matt Verri

Mitchell Starc has the ball, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are out in the middle.

Safe to say the crowd is very much pro-Pakistan. Really good atmosphere.

Anthems done

13:58 , Matt Verri

Plenty of smiles and laughs during the Australian national anthem. Not sure whether that’s a comment on some of their singing voices or not...

Pakistan’s a more serious affair, and we are now almost ready to get this semi-final up and running.

Powerplay fireworks

13:51 , Matt Verri

Ten minutes to go.

Babar and Rizwan, up against Starc, Hazlewood, and Cummins. It’s set up to be a box-office powerplay.

Will Macpherson in Dubai

13:42 , Matt Verri

Big toss win for Australia, that. They like chasing, and have a great chance if they can break Pakistan’s wonderful opening partnership early.

13:39 , Matt Verri

Both teams unchanged then. Pakistan have won all five of their matches, and Australia have been coming into form as the tournament has progressed, so that was expected.

Finch winning the toss has evened this match right up, could be another tight, tense clash.

Pakistan team

13:34 , Matt Verri

Pakistan XI: Mohammad Rizwan, Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Hasan Ali, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi

Australia team

13:34 , Matt Verri

Australia XI: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood

Australia win the toss

13:33 , Matt Verri

It’s Finch who wins the toss, and Australia will bowl first. No surprise there.

Toss imminent

13:32 , Matt Verri

A couple more TV montages to get through, and then it will be time for Babar and Finch to get on with the toss!

Will Macpherson in Dubai

13:22 , Matt Verri

We are 10 minutes from the toss here in Dubai. Pakistan are favourites, but you’d hate to be up against Australia at this stage of the tournament. They’re full of big names, and have played a couple of good games in a row.

Hafeez has seen it all

13:20 , Matt Verri

Mohammad Hafeez limbering up ahead of the match getting underway.

The 41-year-old played in Pakistan’s first ever T20I, against England in 2006. He top-scored for his country that day - can he be the hero again 15 years later?

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Finch and Langer discussing options..

13:11 , Matt Verri

Australia’s coach and captain have been out in the middle having a look at the pitch.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Toss coming shortly...

13:06 , Matt Verri

About 25 minutes to go now until the toss.

You’d imagine with the dew-factor both will probably be keen to bowl first.

Pakistan are unbeaten in their last 16 T20I matches in the UAE... Australia have it all to do this afternoon!

2010 World Cup semi-final...

12:50 , Matt Verri

These two sides have met in a World Cup T20 semi-final before, back in 2010. Mohammad Hafeez, David Warner, and Steve Smith, who batted at eight, all started that day.

Pakistan posted a formidable 191/6 off their 20 overs, with Umar Akmal hitting an unbeaten 56.

Warner fell for a second-ball duck in the chase, and Australia were left needing 18 off the final over, bowled by Saeed Ajmal.

Michael Hussey went four, four, six, four, winning the match for his side off the penultimate ball of the match.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Opening battle

12:41 , Matt Verri

This afternoon could be a tale of the opening partnerships.

Babar and Rizwan have put on 152, 28, 12, 133, and 35 so far this tournament. Pakistan’s captain Babar needs six runs to overtake Jos Buttler as the tournament’s top runscorer.

For Australia, Warner and Finch’s opening partnership has not been as prolific with 4, 70, 7, 58, and 33, but those runs have often come at a rapid rate.

Both sides possess brilliant pace bowlers with the new ball - the first six overs in each innings could well decide this match.


12:26 , Matt Verri

Australia have exceeded expectations so far in the tournament but were utterly outclassed on the one occasion when they came up against genuinely world-class opposition in England.

Pakistan have had the look of champions from ball-one in this tournament and if they replicate their form of the Super 12 stage, should have too much.

Pakistan to win.

Australia team news

12:18 , Matt Verri

The balance to Australia’s line-up has been slightly more difficult to find.

Ashton Agar came in to face England, with Mitch Marsh dropped, as Aaron Finch opted to go with the extra spinner.

But Australia more often than not prefer to have Marsh batting at three in the side, and it seems likely he will get the nod against Pakistan, especially after his 53 off 32 balls against the West Indies.

Predicted XI: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood


Pakistan team news

12:09 , Matt Verri

Pakistan’s top order have fired throughout the tournament, with Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan in sparkling form, while the likes of Shaheen Shah Afridi, Haris Rauf and Hasan Ali have all been among the wickets.

They haven’t been making changes to their XI, they’ve been winning every match... why change anything now?

Predicted XI: Mohammad Rizwan, Babar Azam (c), Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Hasan Ali, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

How to watch Pakistan vs Australia

11:58 , Matt Verri

TV channel: The match will be televised on Sky Sports Cricket and Main Event, with coverage starting at 1.30pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers will be able to watch the match online via the Sky Go app.


11:39 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the second semi-final at the T20 World Cup.

It’s Pakistan vs Australia, it’s in Dubai, and it’s getting underway at 2pm GMT. Winners will face New Zealand in Sunday’s final.

Ahead of the teams striding out into the middle in a couple of hours, we’ll have all the build-up and team news, before full coverage of the match with analysis from Will Macpherson at the ground.

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