Palestine aid organisation to benefit from Paisley singer kitti's song of support

Katie Doyle, AKA kitti, performing in Glasgow earlier this year
-Credit: (Image: Derek Clark)

A Paisley singer has released a song in support of Palestine amid Israel’s invasion and bombing of Gaza.

Katie Doyle, AKA kitti, unveiled her new single VIVA PALESTINA as she attempts to do what is within her power to help the almost two million starving and displaced driven from their homes by the Israel Defense Forces.

All of the proceeds from sales of the song will go to Operation Olive Branch – a volunteer-powered grassroots collective effort to connect with and amplify Palestinian voices in an effort to support their critical needs.

It raises funds for urgent medical aid, for helping Palestinians safely escape Gaza and a perinatal project that supports women in Palestine who need urgent perinatal care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Katie, the winner of the best vocalist prize at The Scottish Jazz Awards 2020 and 2022, and the winner of best female breakthrough artist at The Scottish Music Awards 2020, has released VIVA PALESTINA on Bandcamp where it can be bought.

Katie will then send the money straight into the Operation Olive Branch coffers.

Prior to the song’s release, she said: “If you buy my song on Bandcamp, I will be sending all monies to Operation Olive Branch directly.

“This is the best way for me to do my part and I really hope you like the song. I’ve taken inspiration from Rasha Nahas’ song ‘Desert’.”

Artwork for kitti's song VIVA PALESTINA
Artwork for kitti's song VIVA PALESTINA -Credit:kitti

The artwork for the song features a photo of a pro-Palestinian rally in George Square, Glasgow, taken in 2021.

It features a Balfour Declaration era map of Palestine around 1920 – and shows what the territory looked like before the British Government decided to support the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

Katie added: “I wanted to include this map so people can be reminded of how this conflict was initiated and to remember just how long the Palestinian people have been fighting to protect their precious land. Many thanks and VIVA PALESTINA.”

The song can be found on Bandcamp via the following link:

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