Palestinian Demonstrators Burn Tires at Gaza-Israel Border

A large group of Palestinians gathered near the Gaza-Isreal border and set fire to tires on the night of August 28.

Local resident Mohamed el Saife filmed a video that shows a group of Palestinians waving the Palestinian flag and burning the tires at the border. El Saife told Storyful the group was protesting to try to “put press pressure on Israel” to end an “ongoing siege”.

The Associated Press reported the demonstrators were Hamas-backed activists who were calling for an end to the economic blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Eleven Palestinians were injured on Saturday night, according to the Jerusalem Post during violent riots. Isreal Defense Forces said Hamas sites had been struck early August 29 morning as a response to the launch of incendiary balloons that caused fires. Credit: Mohamed el Saife via Storyful

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