Palestinians expect nothing from Israel's interim prime minister Yair Lipid

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AP - Alexander Nemenov

Palestinians in Gaza are expecting little from the new Israeli caretaker government led by Yair Lipid. The new government was put in place at the beginning of the month after Naftali Bennett pulled the plug on the ruling coalition.

Elections will be held in Israel in November.

Barely appointed, Lapid has already been to France for a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron.

French support for a positive continuation of nuclear negotiations with Iran dominated those talks.

"Iran's nuclear power poses a threat to world peace," Lapid told his French host.

On the domestic front, Lapid's four-month tenure will centre on Palestinian-Israeli relations.

This week, Israeli media reported that the Tel Aviv government is considering a prisoner swap with the ruling Islamist Hamas party in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas claims to hold four Israeli captives, including two soldiers taken prisoner in 2014. At least one of the four is known to be suffering major health problems.

Biden tours the zone

Later this month, Lapid will welcome US President Joe Biden.

The American leader is to visit Israel, the Palestinian territories and Saudi Arabia.

Most commentators see little hope of getting Palestinians and Israelis any closer to agreement on the two-state solution, long championed by Washington and supported by Lapid.

"Lapid's mandate does not allow him to forge any agreement on any political issues, including the long-envisioned two-state solution.

"He leads a branch of the Israeli left that has always believed in peace with the Palestinians.

"Unfortunately, he does not have much to offer since he is only the leader of a caretaker government," Dr. Mokhaimar Abu Se'da, a Gaza-based political analyst, told RFI in a phone interview.

Many Palestinians say the situation on the ground in the occupied territories is becoming more complicated because of increased settlement activity by Israel, and the military crackdown on Palestinian cities and villages.

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