Palestinians Hold Funeral for Unarmed Man With Autism Killed by Israeli Police

Palestinians held a funeral on May 31 for a 32-year-old Palestinian man, identified as Iyad Halak, who was reportedly killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Halak, who had autism, is believed to have been unarmed when Israeli police shot him dead on May 30.

The incident has drawn parallels with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and protesters took to the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on May 30 against both the death of Halak and that of Floyd. Protesters held signs that read “Justice for Iyad, Justice for George” and “Iyad’s life mattered.”

Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz has apologized for the shooting. “I am sure this subject will be investigated swiftly and conclusions will be reached,” Gantz was quoted as saying in The Guardian.

The video shows the moment Palestinians carried Halak’s coffin to a cemetery for burial.

According to local reports, Halak died when he was on his way to the special education school he attended and worked at. Border Police officers reportedly pursued him, claiming he had been holding a weapon. Halak fled and hid behind a dumpster, where he was shot, +972 Magazine reported. Credit: Jack Denton via Storyful