Pals of Baby Reindeer's real life Martha slam claims she is moving to Scotland

Friends of Fiona Harvey say she is not heading to Scotland to be close to a Scottish lawyer.

Harvey, 58, was the inspiration for a convicted stalker called Martha in Richard Gadd’s award-winning Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

Speaking on Piers Moran Uncensored this week, faculty advocate Laura Wray, 62, told the veteran broadcaster of her fears that Harvey was house hunting in a Stirlingshire village near where she lives.

We told last night how Harvey had launched a massive $70million lawsuit against Netflix for her depiction in the show.

Wray said: “I thought she was down in London but a few weeks ago we were told that in the little village called Buchlyvie, which is where she's from originally, she’s been looking to buy a house.

“So I'm extremely concerned that this woman not only is abusing me on the internet, on her Facebook pages and on every opportunity she can defeat me but she might also be moving close to where I live.”

A pal close to London-based Harvey said: “Fiona wants people to know it’s not true that there is no way she is moving to Scotland to be closer to Laura Wray.

“She hasn’t been house-hunting in Scotland in recent weeks.

“She is barely able to go out of her own home in London because she worries about being recognised.

“She’s had no contact with Wray going on 25 years.”

Wray told Morgan she may take legal action against Harvey, who in turn plans to sue Netflix.

The pal added: “Fiona said she won’t get a penny.”

In 1997, Wray gave Harvey, who graduated in law at the University of Aberdeen, a trial period at her legal firm.

She took out an interim interdict against Harvey, claiming she had been bombarded with voice mails and that Harvey abused co-workers and made malicious claims about her family.

Piers Morgan with Laura Wray
Piers Morgan with "Real Life" Baby Reindeer Fiona Harvey

Wray said: “I don't know what she's capable of but if somebody threatens to kill you, on several occasions, just because they may have personality disorders, doesn't mean that they won’t actually try and do it

“I seem to have been her major obsession over all these years because it’s lasted the longest with me so I could quite see depending on how you looked at things that she could have me as some sort of enemy and maybe feels compelled to do something to harm me further.”

Asked if she had a message for Harvey, Wray said: “My message would be… I think you need to get some psychiatric help as soon as possible and I think you need to get off Facebook and stop sending emails and so on to people because you’re doing yourself no favours if you are going to sue Netflix.”

She also revealed Harvey’s fans on social media wrongly identified her as Richard Gadd’s real life trans girlfriend who is attacked in Baby Reindeer.

Wray said: “My colleagues at the bar have been very supportive but certainly online I’ve had adverse comments.

“There is now a Fiona Harvey support group that are commenting that I look like a man and that I am Richard Gadd’s trans girlfriend.

“They’re suggesting that might be the case and I’d like to refute both of those.”

Fiona Harvey
Piers Morgan with Laura Wray -Credit:YouTube

Wray appeared on Morgan’s YouTube show weeks after Harvey had given him the first onscreen interview.

Prior to that Harvey had provided the Daily Record with a number of exclusive interviews.

Wray says Netflix’s lawyers got in touch with her a week ago but that the streaming channel failed to hide Harvey's identity.

She said: “Their solicitor spoke to me. Really what they wanted from me was a copy of the interim interdict.

“I hadn't heard from them before that. Certainly nobody approached me to say there’s going to be a story coming out in which it will be very obvious that you are one of the victims.”

She criticised Richard Gadd over claims that people depicted in his series would be able to identify themselves.

Wray said: “I do think that when he says that he changed all the details so that people wouldn't recognise her and she wouldn't recognise herself, that that is just untrue.

“I mean, he could easily have made her somebody who didn't look like Fiona Harvey, who was say an accountant or a doctor.”

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