Panda Twins Mesmerized by Squeegee at Zoo Atlanta

A pair of twin pandas were mesmerized by a squeegee used while cleaning the exterior of their enclosure in Zoo Atlanta, video from November 9 shows.

Footage shows the panda duo, Ya Lun and Xi Lun, wrestling while trying to make contact with the squeegee from behind the glass.

“Recently while the Panda Care Team was cleaning the glass that separates the dayroom from one of the outdoor spaces, the twins immediately ran over to investigate what we were up to,” wrote Mammal Keeper Amanda Denaro on Facebook. “Before our presence had caught their attention, they had been playing and chasing each other around in the dayroom, but it only took seconds for Ya Lun and Xi Lun to come over once they knew what we were up to.”

“Both the girls love to jump up and swipe at the squeegee as it goes by, and so we spent a good 15 minutes playing with them before finishing up our task. Ya Lun, who was still in a really playful mood, took the opportunity to catch her sister off guard while she was distracted by the squeegee and jump on her.” Credit: Amanda Denaro/Zoo Atlanta via Zoo Atlanta Facebook via Storyful