Cheeky pangolin photobombs picture with his huge tongue

Animals seem to photobomb pictures more often than ever these days - but this cheeky pangolin may be the best yet.

The adorable creature was pictured with Maria Diekmann in Namibia - and he made sure he got noticed.

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Maria's scaly companion stole the show by sticking out his long tongue for the camera.

Maria, who has hand-reared the pangolin since his mother Roxy was rescued from the black market, feeds him yoghurt, milk and ants.

The pangolin was born at the conservation group Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia.

Maria said her anteater friend loves nothing more than sitting on her head, because that's what he would've done as a youngster when he rode on his mother's back.

Maria, the founder of REST, said: 'His favourite place was just behind her neck and that is why I believe he still loves to crawl onto the top of my head as I walk around. Thus, I always wear a hat.

'The photos that I took with my iPhone shows his tongue which is about a long as his body'.

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