Panic Buying Seen at Sydney Costco Stores as Coronavirus Fears Escalate

Crowds of shoppers purchasing large quantities of toilet paper and other basic supplies were seen at Costco supermarkets in Sydney on March 2 as fears around coronavirus grew.

Instagram user @Milee.maskey posted a video of long queues of shoppers at checkouts at a Costco store in Lidcombe, Sydney.

“It was really chaotic. It was even hard to get a trolley for shopping as well. And mobility around the store was harder. Approximately, at every service till there was a long queue of minimum 25 people. All the basic supplies like Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Roll were finished. And all the products from the shelves were also out. And Costco also limited the product per customers like eggs, A2 Milk” Maskey said.

Costco Australia told Storyful it would not be making comment to the media about reports of panic buying at Sydney stores.

As of March 3 Australia had 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 21 of those patients reported to have recovered from the virus. Credit: milee.maskey via Storyful