Paparazzo Clipped by Bieber Speaks Out: ‘Accidents Happen’

Justin Bieber accidentally hit photographer Maurice Lamont on Wednesday evening. (Photo: Backgrid/Instagram)

That’s not much of a birthday present! That was the sentiment expressed by Maurice Lamont — better known as the paparazzo who was clipped by Justin Bieber outside the City Church in Beverly Hills last night — as he was being wheeled on a gurney for X-rays at a nearby hospital.

The good news is that Lamont is OK, according to a video he posted on Instagram Thursday. And if you’re expecting him to trash-talk the Biebs, who jumped out of his giant pickup truck to check on the condition of the photog, it’s not happening.

“An hour before my birthday hits, I get ran over by Justin Bieber,” Lamont, who uses the handle @shotgetter, says in the video. “Isn’t that something.”

However, he went on to call Bieber, who is having a heckuva week after calling off the remainder of his “Purpose” tour, “a good kid.”

“He got out. He was compassionate. He’s a good kid,” Lamont says from his stretcher. “Accidents happen. Hopefully everything works out here. Getting ready to go into the X-rays right now.”

Justin Bieber checking on Maurice Lamont after the accident. (Photo: GAMR/Backgrid)

Though he did have a criticism about Bieber’s pickup.

“I think the truck was a little too big for him though because there is no way he could see over the front,” he said.

Lamont posted the video with the kinda hilarious caption, “I WISH BIEBER WAS STILL ON TOUR!!” (He’s not the only one.)

Video of the accident showed Bieber making a turn as he left a church event and clipping Lamont, who fell to the ground and dropped some of his camera equipment. But Bieber got out and kneeled down to talk to the injured shutterbug as an army of other paps continued to profit off of it by filming the whole thing.

Police arrived on the scene and spoke to the pop star, who was not cited for the accident. A police spokesperson said Lamont suffered non-life-threatening injuries to his lower body.

On Monday, the perennially troubled star canceled the remaining dates of his tour to reportedly “rededicate his life to Christ,” sources connected to the Australia-based Hillsong Church, which Bieber has long been linked to, said. However, Bieber himself denied it was related to religion and said he is simply exhausted.

We can imagine he’ll be even more tired now … as his handlers try to keep this accident from turning into a lawsuit.

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