Paper-Cutter Congratulates Japan's Princess Mako as She Marries College Boyfriend, Loses Royal Status

Japan’s Princess Mako married her long-time partner and former college classmate, Kei Komuro, in Tokyo on Tuesday, October 26, signalling her departure from the Imperial family.

Under Imperial House Law, Mako, a niece of Emperor Naruhito, was forced to forfeit her imperial status for marrying a “commoner”.

Earlier this month, protests were held in Tokyo, objecting to the marriage. According to a local news report citing a statement from the Imperial Household Agency, Mako was diagnosed with PTSD amid the ongoing public criticism of her relationship with Komuro.

Mako declined the lump-sum payment offered to princess who are made to leave the family, the NHK reported.

This footage posted to Twitter on Tuesday shows a Toyko-based paper-cutter making a cut-out of Mako and Kei Komuro with the caption “congratulations”. Credit: @kinako1213kirie via Storyful

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