What the papers say – June 10

One story dominates the front pages of Saturday’s newspapers as Boris Johnson’s resignation as an MP features across all titles.

Even Donald Trump’s indictment on federal charges in the US struggles to make much of an impression as the front pages react to Friday night’s breaking news.

The Daily Mail and The Independent both use a phrase from Mr Trump as Mr Johnson blames his departure on a “witch-hunt”.

And the Daily Express says the former prime minister claims he was forced out by a “kangaroo court”.

The i weekend says Mr Johnson is declaring war on Rishi Sunak while The Sun opts for a simple headline: “Bojo: I Quit”.

The Guardian, Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph all have similar headlines, saying the former prime minister was quitting over the investigation into the ongoing Partygate scandal.

Mr Trump does make it onto the front of two front pages, with The Times featuring a large picture of the former president as the paper says “the party’s over” for Mr Johnson.

And the Daily Star has a similar headline – albeit with Mr Johnson as a clown – as it also finds room for Mr Trump, saying he faces up to 100 years in prison.

The only newspaper not to lead on Mr Johnson’s resignation is the FTWeekend, which limits it to a downpage story. Instead it focuses on problems at Odey Asset Management after allegations against the company’s founder.