What the papers say – October 30

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Troubles within Labour lead many of Friday’s front pages after the publication of a heavily critical investigation into the party’s handling of anti-Semitism.

The Times talks of a “battle for Labour’s soul” after Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party in the wake of the report, which says Labour unlawfully discriminated against its Jewish members.

The Daily Telegraph writes about a “civil war” as MPs and party members called for Mr Corbyn to be reinstated.

While The Guardian writes the party has been plunged into “turmoil”.

Metro carries the headline “Corbinned”, the i writes about “civil war” after the damning report, and The Independent says it was a “day of shame” for the opposition.

The Daily Mirror says Sir Keir Starmer has pledged a “zero tolerance” approach to anti-Semitism with the suspension of Mr Corbyn “swift and decisive”.

While the Daily Mail says Labour “exploded into open warfare over the report.

Away from the opposition, and the Daily Express writes about a “market rush for homes”, with buyers looking to exploit the stamp duty holiday.

The Financial Times leads with the US election, reporting the fact the country’s economy is growing at its fastest post-war pace will help Donald Trump push his message of recovery.

And the Daily Star reports Basil Brush wants to see Marcus Rashford made Prime Minister.