What the papers say – September 14

By PA Reporter

Former Prime Minister David Cameron makes the front pages of most daily newspapers on Saturday through the admissions, regrets and attacks contained in his just-released memoirs.

The Times leads with a book extract from Mr Cameron, who insists he was right to call the Brexit referendum, but says he’s sorry for the uncertainty and division that has followed, and that ultimately, he failed.

The Guardian reports Mr Cameron thinks every day about the referendum result and feels Boris Johnson has behaved “appallingly” by proroguing Parliament.

The Independent says Mr Cameron has criticised Mr Johnson’s Brexit strategy, saying a no-deal departure would be a “bad outcome” for Britain.

The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail lead with Mr Cameron lashing out at Mr Johnson and Michael Gove, and saying that Brexiteers had behaved appallingly.

The Daily Express says Mr Cameron was shocked that so many people wanted Brexit.

The i quotes Mr Cameron saying he doesn’t regret the referendum.

And the left-leaning Daily Mirror focuses on Mr Cameron’s admission that he smoked marijuana.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports Boris Johnson is set to fast-track a Brexit deal.

In other matters, The Sun leads with Margaret Moore’s “agony” over the knighthood bestowed upon Geoffrey Boycott, who was convicted in 1998 of assaulting her.

And the Daily Star has a story that former Bond star Roger Moore’s ghost haunts his daughter.