Paraag Marathe has already revealed his Elland Road objective amid stadium ownership change

For the first time in two decades, Leeds United have full control and ownership of its Elland Road stadium. A statement, published on the Championship club's website yesterday, confirmed that owners 49ers Enterprises transferred control of the ground in late March.

Chief executive Angus Kinnear said: "Whilst this may seem like only a subtle change in corporate structure, I know that our supporters will understand its broader significance in signalling our ownership’s intent that Leeds United and Elland Road should always be inextricably bound.” Elland Road is also an Asset of Community Value (AoCV), which was formally approved and listed by Leeds City Council, following an application by the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust last year.

Chairman Paraag Marathe has previously stated that development of the ground is on the agenda. Updates to toilets, lounges and concourses have already been made, according to Marathe.

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Speaking less than two days after United's Championship play-off final loss to Southampton, Marathe said: “We have already earmarked a certain amount of investment to make some improvements at Elland Road, things I know supporters have been asking for.

“While it might not be the whole new shiny toy, we are doing different things, like improving the bathrooms and improving different concourses and lounges.

“We've already earmarked the investment we're going to do for that. In the bigger, greater development, we're still very much on the timeline and on the path to doing that.

“It's been reported nothing is going to happen until we get to the Premier League. That's a little bit misleading, at least for this season. A lot of the make-ready work we have to do, before a shovel is in the ground, it really didn't matter, this season, if we were in the Championship or the Premier League.

“There's still work to be done we're doing anyway and I don't want to say work, I mean a significant investment, to line up the right things you need to do to work with the city council, to get all the approvals, to do all of the drawings. All of those things, before you put a shovel in the ground, whether we were in the Premier League or the Championship, we will be doing anyway.

“That money is earmarked, committed, and we are continuing down that path. Now, if you ask me this question a year from now, it might be a little bit more complicated because, at that point, I'd be ready with the shovel, but everything right now is green-lit as it would have been in either case.”