Paralympics Day 9: two more medals bring French team tally to 46

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French cyclist Alexandre Léauté collected his fourth medal, a bronze in the individual time trial. And then Marie Patouillet added another,taking bronze in the cycle road race.

There have been better nights for the French Paralympic squad. But nobody is complaining.

Least of all, French cycling ace, Alexandre Léauté.

He signed up for four events at the Tokyo Paralympics, and he now has a medal from each one. His latest bronze came in the men's C1 - C3 road race, with the top places on the podium going to two English riders.

Marie Patouillet had the same experience, finishing third behind a pair of UK riders in the women's road race.

And that wasn't all . . .

Later in the day, the French took silver in the team relay road race, Riadh Tarsim, Florian Joanny and Loïc Vergnaud, finishing behind Italy

In the swimming pool, Florent Marais earned bronze in ther100 m backstroke (category S10).

Paralympic taekwondo gets off with a bang

With legs whirling and feet flying, taekwondo made its Paralympic debut at the Tokyo Games on Thursday.

The Paralympic version of the Korean martial art -- in which fighters attempt to land blows on each other on an octagonal mat -- bans kicks to the head and offers no points for punches.

But Brazilian fighter Nathan Cesar Sodario Torquato believes that makes the para version all the more exciting, describing the action as "frenetic".

"You're not allowed to kick in the head, so you don't need to be afraid to be very aggressive," said Sodario Torquato, who won the inaugural gold in the men's K44 -61kg, beating Egypt's Mohamed Elzayat in the final.

"It's a very beautiful style to watch."

In taekwondo -- the first full-contact sport in Paralympic history -- points are awarded for landing kicks on an opponent's padded upper body.

A simple kick to the trunk scores two points, while a turning kick is worth three and a more spectacular spinning kick four.

Kicks to the head are strictly forbidden, and result in disqualification.

The first bout of the day pitted Afghanistan's Zakia Khudadadi, who arrived in Tokyo following a dramatic evacuation from Kabul, against Uzbekistan's Ziyodakhon Isakova.

Khudadadi looked stoic as she emerged from behind a curtain, AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blaring out of speakers around the arena.

She won the first round 6-5, but fell behind in the second round and eventually lost the match 17-12.

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