Paraplegic mum finds her sea legs - by strapping herself to young surfer with DUCT TAPE

Pascale Honore taped up to Tyron Swan (SWNS)

A paraplegic mum has fulfilled her life-long dream of riding the waves - by strapping herself to the back of a young surfer with duct tape.

Pascale Honore, 50, was left paralysed 18 years ago when her spinal cord was injured in a car accident.

Paris-born Pascale, who now lives in Adelaide, said she would get frustrated when she watched her sons surf the waves and was not able to join in.

That's when a good friend of her sons came up with the unique idea to strap her to his back using duct tape.

She said: "We were sitting in the lounge one day and he looked at me and said, 'I think I could put you on my back'.

"I've always been up for a challenge, so I said 'OK, let's try it'."

She binds herself to professional diver Tyron Swan, 23, before a jet ski tows them along to catch a wave.

Right when the daring duo spot a wave the jet ski releases them.

She said: "It was most exhilarating experience of my life. Having been sat down for the past 18 years, I felt as though I was moving again.

"I completely lost the concept of being paralysed. I'll never forget the feeling."

Pascale, who weighs just over seven stone, slips into a make-shift back-pack which is held together over Tyron's shoulders with duct tape.

She admits that people thought the idea was insane at first, but Pascale, who has no feeling below her chest, believes that Tyron's strength and her tiny frame make it possible.

The duo is now planning on heading over to Western Australia for the winter, where the waves reach upwards of 40ft, and are hoping to get a duct tape sponsorship.

She added: "I decided to just get on with it. You either look at what you've got or you look at what you haven't got."

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