Paramore star spotted in unexpected place as Taylor Swift tour continues

Jen Pickering (third from left), founder of LV Pilates, next to Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams, hair and make-up artist Brian O'Connor and Parafour touring musician Joey Mullen
-Credit: (Image: LV Pilates)

Paramore have been spotted in a surprising Liverpool location as the band were thanked by Scousers.

The American rock band, made up of Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York, were the support act for Taylor Swift as she headlined three spectacular gigs at Anfield last week.

The band expressed their delight to be playing before thousands of fans, with lead singer Hayley telling the crowd: "Hi beauties. If I remember correctly, the last time we were here we played to quite a smaller crowd than this.

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"This is pretty impressive. In case you don't know, I would love to be the first one to introduce us to you. Liverpool, we're Paramore!"

The band clearly enjoyed their time in the city. Hayley and Taylor were spotted by fans on Bold Street last Wednesday. All of the band members enjoyed a drink later in the day at the Ship and Mitre pub on Dale Street.

It has now been revealed the band were keeping their fitness up during their visit to Merseyside. In an Instagram post, LV Pilates, which is based at Cheapside Liverpool city centre, shared pictures of its staff including founder Jen Pickering with Paramore in their studio.

Hayley was there, along with Joey Mullen from 'Parafour', the band’s quartet of touring musicians, and Brian O’Connor, who does Hayley’s hair and make-up. They were joined by members of the band’s backstage crew who helped make the performance happen.

In the post, the fitness studio said: “Thank you to @paramore & some of the backstage crew from the Eras tour for being with us last week!

“Lovely bunch of people and what a great show they put on too! Hope the rest of the tour goes well.”

Joni Byrne, who was also there when Paramore visited, commented: "They were all so lovely, what a delight to meet and work with them."

LV Pilates runs Pilates classes, a form of exercise which aims to strengthen muscles while improving flexibility and posture. LV Pilates focuses specifically on Reformer Pilates, which instead of a mat utilises a reformer machine to create resistance as you move through different exercises.

Jen properly discovered Pilates after a serious car accident, after which she began rehabilitation for her injuries at The Walton Centre.

Speaking to the ECHO previously, Jen said: “It was originally a spine injury that caused a hip injury. I used to run, I was that person that would go to the gym and do HIIT classes or kettlebells, high intensity stuff.

“After my accident, I couldn’t walk very well. I had quite bad nerve damage to my left leg in particular. The Walton Centre was adamant that I should do Pilates.”

Jen was initially very sceptical, believing that it was more suitable for older women, but eventually had a ‘light bulb’ moment when she realised the difference it was making to her recovery and she soon embarked on a mission to help other people through Pilates.

Now her classes are hugely popular, with Jen estimating she sees women from at least 30 different nationalities alone at the studio across a typical week.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has continued in Cardiff, with the UK leg finishing with three shows at Wembley in London this week.

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