Paramount handrails could be finished this week

Jan. 17—ANDERSON — Patrons will be able to access the balcony without needing assistance because handrails are slated to be installed this week.

Representatives from MoFab, a local fabrication firm, told Parmount Theatre restoration manager Jim Abraham Tuesday that the rails could be finished by Thursday morning.

The Paramount originally decided to finance the project by selling each of its 54 rails at $300 a piece.

However, it received a $18,000 donation from George and Nancy Likens, which was used instead.

The $13,200 from individual sales would be used for other projects.

Roughly $4,500 of that money will go for the aisle lights project, Abraham said Wednesday.

Some of the current aisle lights are either burned out or are a different color. Abraham plans to make the lights all one color.

New aisle lights and handrails could make the theater more accessible to handicapped or aging individuals.

"Anything you do to make things easier for your patrons to get to and from their seats or make their overall experience more enjoyable ... it's such a joy to be able to do that," executive director Rich Jorn said regarding the handrails.

"I'm thrilled that it's getting done."

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