Paraplegic French girl, 14, attacked by pack of rats as she lay in bed

A disabled French girl has been left critically ill after being attacked by a pack of rats.

The rats reportedly swarmed into the paraplegic girl’s bedroom on the ground floor in Roubaix, north-eastern France, where her family found the 14-year-old “drenched in blood”.

The girl was reportedly left with 45 facial lesions, 150 on her hands and 30 on her feet.

<em>Attacked – the girl was unable to move as the rats attacked her (Pictures: Getty)</em>
Attacked – the girl was unable to move as the rats attacked her (Pictures: Getty)

Her father told local newspaper Courrier-Picard: “There was blood everywhere. I thought there had been a burglary that had gone wrong.”

He is now reportedly suing the landlord of the rented property for alleged negligence.


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The girl was being tested in hospital for various infections, including rabies, he said, adding that because of her medical condition she sleeps in the ground-floor room in a medical bed and as well as being unable to move, may not have been able to feel the rats chewing on her.

“According to doctors, this is a fairly rare phenomenon. Rats attack almost nothing but dead people,” the Courrier-Picard quoted him as saying.