Parent’s charity walk to thank teams who cared for twin daughters

FAMILY: Richardson family gearing up for mega-walk.
FAMILY: Richardson family gearing up for mega-walk.

PARENTS of twin babies and their friends will set off on a sponsored walk from to raise money for hospital wards who cared for their twin daughters.

Simon and Megan Richardson, from near Dalston outside Carlisle, will walk from Cumberland Infirmary to the RVI in Newcastle this weekend – a distance of 111km over Hadrian’s Wall - to raise cash for the Children’s Ward at the Cumberland Infirmary and the Great North Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Martha and Betty received care at both hospitals after developing a cough and sniffle three weeks after they were born and this weekend is the first anniversary of them being admitted.

Megan said: "Martha eventually stopped feeding and it was decided both our girls should be admitted to the Children’s Ward at the Cumberland Infirmary. Over the weekend both of them were put on oxygen and fed by a tube and we were told they had bronchiolitis (little did we know an all too common virus).

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"Four days into our stay - and given that Betty was only 4lb 14oz at birth - her lungs were incredibly small and she started to really struggle. Essentially her lungs just could not supply the oxygen her body needed and the NHS had to act.

"After four weeks our girls pulled round, Martha was discharged first, Betty was moved back to Carlisle and eventually discharged seven days after Martha.

News and Star: SISTERS: Betty and Martha Henderson.
News and Star: SISTERS: Betty and Martha Henderson.

SISTERS: Betty and Martha Henderson.

"I am in no doubt that without the incredible Children’s Ward at Carlisle and NECTAR (North East and Cumbria Transport and Retrieval Team) that our little Betty Boo would not have survived and we will be for ever grateful to the NHS for looking after Moo and Boo," she said.

Megan said the family would be extremely grateful for any donations made to the life-saving organisations.

Claire Moore, matron for women and children’s services at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Trust said: "We are delighted that Simon and Megan are supporting the ward in this way, we are extremely grateful for their kindness.

"Our staff are very dedicated and we are very humbled that Simon and Megan have chosen to say thank you to us in this way. We wish Simon and Megan the very best of luck – the challenge is not an easy one!”

Simon and Megan will set off with their friends and family from the Cumberland infirmary at 6am on Saturday May 28 with over £5,000 raised so far.

To help support Simon and Megan, visit

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