Parents amazed by mum's 'mind-blowing' trick to open sweet packets for children

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

There's nothing more frustrating than opening a packet of something then struggling to close it.

If you're unlucky, air can enter the food which can then make it stale. But what if we told you there's a trick to open packets without faffing around with some tape?

Thanks to one parent who recently revealed a sweet trick over on Instagram. Mum Casey Major-Bunce is known for her savvy tips on social media where she posts under the handle @majormumhacks.

And now she shared an ingenious method for easily tearing open sweet packets. She revealed this nifty trick to her 636,000 followers, suggesting they "Save for later. Did you know this?"

Casey expressed her dislike for open sweet packets lying around in cupboards or cars and noted how children often struggle to open them. Her solution?

A simple way to tear the packet so it can be resealed without any tape, demonstrated using a pack of Haribos. The process takes seconds and despite joking she "needs to get a life," the response has been positive.

One follower exclaimed: "I don't think you realise how much you have changed the rest of my life." Another praised: "Stop. I want to start life over with this knowledge."

While a third added: "I feel like I've learnt more life lessons on TikTok and Instagram then I ever did in school."

The next time you're about to indulge in a sweet treat, bear in mind this clever tip that could be a game-changer. Looking for more tips and tricks?

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