Parents and Children Protest School District's Student Mask Mandate in Castle Rock, Colorado

Parents and their children rallied in Castle Rock, Colorado, on Monday, August 23, to protest against the Douglas County School District’s student mask mandate set to go into effect that day.

On August 17 the Tri-County Health Department, which oversees Douglas County, issued a public health order requiring facial coverings for all children between the ages of two and 11 years old in schools and day-care facilities, as well as any adults working with children in that age range, as there is no COVID-19 vaccine option for children younger than 12.

According to local news reports, the Douglas County School District announced that they would comply with the order despite a vote from the Tri-County Health Department allowing county boards to opt out.

Video filmed by Instagram user @randiflammi shows adults and children protesting the mandate outside the district offices on Monday.

“Luke missed school today to show the DCSD board that I will choose what is best for my child, not them. It was also to show him to fight for his freedom, his beliefs, and his health,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. Credit: @randiflammi via Storyful

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