Parents could be fined for poor parking and bad driving on the school run

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Parents who park badly and are caught driving poorly are set to be fined up to £70 – with the help of spy cams deployed to catch them out.

Eight schools in Lincolnshire are part of a £70,000 trial that will see cameras fitted inside a marked vehicle, similar to the one above, that will make sure mums and dads aren’t parking where they shouldn’t be.

A fight for spaces is often one of the biggest sources of stresses when dropping the kids off to school and parking on zig-zags and pavements are regular occurrences up and down the country.

However, an investigation by Lincolnshire Live into the scheme’s effectiveness found that parents simply waited for the CCTV cameras to leave the area before parking where they shouldn’t.

Parents who abide by the rules and park in designated areas are not convinced that the scheme will work in the long run.

Snooping: Parents who park on zig zags will be fined if spotted by the cameras (Alan Stanton)
Snooping: Parents who park on zig zags will be fined if spotted by the cameras (Alan Stanton)

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One parent told the site: “The car park at the school and outside is a nightmare because coming round the bend there are lines everywhere and the cars are lining up after parking on the zig zags.

“I don’t think cameras will make a difference as people will park on the lines if they think they can get away with it.”

She added that parked cars make it more difficult for children to see what is coming when they cross the road.

Homeowners who live near the school are more hopeful that the scheme will work.

Dean Smith, 45, said: “Drivers do block the driveway and churn the grass up.

“I think people will stop when there is CCTV but I think a traffic warden would help more.”

The schools that will be part of the six month trial are:

Kingsdown Nursery School, Kingsdown Road, Lincoln

Leslie Manser Primary School, Kingsdown Road, Lincoln

Sir Francis Hill Primary School, Bristol Drive, Lincoln

The Priory Witham Academy, Shannon Avenue, Lincoln

William Alvey Primary School, Sleaford

St Thomas’ School, Wyberton Low Road, Boston

Boston West Academy, Sussex Avenue, Boston.

National Junior School, Castlegate, Grantham.

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