Parents left 'scared' for their children in street with 'nightmare' neighbours

The property in Stanford Hill
-Credit: (Image: Leicester Mercury)

Parents were “scared to let their kids out to play” after “local drug addicts” and people on “spice” descended on a home in a Loughborough street, a neighbour has said. The occupants of the problem property in Stanford Hill have finally been kicked out after a full closure order was granted by Leicester Magistrates’ Court.

The full closure order was needed because of on-going anti-social behaviour and "vulnerable people being exploited" at the property, Leicestershire Police said. The force said the bad behaviour had continued despite a partial closure order - which is supposed to limit who can be at a property - being issued previously.

Nearby residents have told LeicestershireLive that the long-running situation was a “nightmare”, with the occupant “letting local drug addicts”, among others, stay in the house. One neighbour said people associated with the property regularly urinated in the street, and allegedly caused fires in the area. He said people on the drug spice - which can cause an inability to move - were often in the street, and that the police and the fire service had been called to the property on a “number of occasions”.

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Mike Davies, 59, has lived in Stanford Hill for 10 years. He said something was set fire to at the back of the problem property which "did a bit of damage". Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, said the home had brought a lot of “druggies” to the street. “Everybody was congregating in that area, in that house,” he said.

Another nearby resident, who also did not want to be named, said the situation was “just a nightmare”. He said: “He was letting the local drug addicts [into his house] and alcoholics.

“That’s why the order started in the first place, [but] it did not stop. That’s why they’ve got the full closure. There were people urinating in the street. There was a caravan around the back and he was letting them into that.

“All he was bothered about was drink, drugs and shoplifting. He was getting all the homeless people round, he was saying. ‘Go and get this’, and he would let them stay in his house for a bit.

“Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, anything. His wife died just over a year ago and all this started pretty much straight away.”

The neighbour added: “Charities were coming to help [him] - we've seen sofas being delivered, he's had a new freezer delivered." The neighbour said there had been two “major” fires, one in a nearby shed and the other in a caravan. “God knows how many times the fire alarms would go off,” the neighbour said. "All the drug addicts around the estate. They were on spice.

"It has been a nightmare. The parents of the kids that play around here were scared to let them out. I hope the bloke gets himself sorted. But if you have a drug and alcohol problem you have to want to sort yourself out.”

Closure order in Stanford Hill
Closure order in Stanford Hill -Credit:Leicester Mercury

Police in Charnwood said on Thursday (May 23) that the full closure order had “been enforced" and would "remain in place for three months". They said: "We hope this action to restrict and prohibit access to the premises in question sends a strong message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Loughborough, and that we will not hesitate to use all available powers.

"The property has been secured by the police and compliance will be monitored. We would like to thank all residents who have engaged with the police and reported matters as this has helped us gain the full closure order. No persons with the exemption of professionals such as the police will be able to access the property. Failure to comply with the full closure order is a criminal offence which could result in imprisonment."

They added: “We will continue to deal with matters reported and provide a robust response by applying necessary closures to prevent criminality and protect the public. We ask that residents continue to report matters to the police.”

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