Parents predict kids can only last this many minutes outside before boredom sets in

The average parent thinks their child could only keep themselves occupied with unstructured play outside for 32 minutes before boredom sets in. Results of a survey of 2,000 parents of children five to 13 revealed that less than half (48%) of parents estimate their child could entertain themselves outdoors without structured play from a game or companion for just 30 minutes. One in two parents worry their kids don't have the same level of imagination that they did in their own youth and technology might be to blame. The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Claritin showed two in three respondents think technology makes growing up harder than ever. The parents polled reminisced over their own childhoods and about three in four claimed it was much easier to make friends in their day just by going outside and playing in their neighborhood instead of kids today having to contend with social media. Parents surveyed (72%) believe their family doesn't spend enough time outside, and when their kids do go outside, 49% of parents report that their kids find the outdoors boring.