Parents Pull Hilarious PS5 Prank on Kids

When avid gamers, 13-year-old CJ and 11-year-old Jalen, ripped off the wrapping paper to an early Christmas present and saw the box to the latest PlayStation 5, the brothers were sent into fits of excitement.

Wrestling each other on the floor of their Fort Worth, Texas home, on December 21, the two competed to get their hands on one of the most coveted gaming consoles of the year.

“It smelled like glory in that box,” one of the brothers can be heard saying in a video shared by mom Michelle Rodriguez.

However, the duo was quickly brought down from cloud nine after opening the box only to find a shoe, a book, and some empty egg cartons inside, much to the rest of their family’s amusement.

“The Playstation 5 has been all the boys have been talking about for months,” Rodriguez told Storyful adding that the parents had tried to purchase one as a Christmas gift.

“Their Dad, Cory, has been staying up for countless hours trying to score them one to no avail. As parents, we always want to give our kids the absolute best but sometimes they can be so privileged.”

Rodriguez said that, as a family that loves to laugh and play pranks on each other, she and her husband, Cory, along with CJ and Jalen’s four-year-old sister, devised the perfect holiday gag on the young boys.

In the video, those in on the joke can be heard howling with laughter as the brothers’ excitement quickly fades to disappointment. Credit: @thelawsonsquad via Storyful