Parents-to-be shocked when 'confetti company' mixes up their gender reveal

This is the moment an Oklahoma City-based couple, were left shocked when their gender reveal party took an unexpected turn. Footage from May 9 shows the couple celebrating when a burst of blue confetti is fired - the dad-to-be even performing yard laps - before Jessi, the organizer and sister of the mother-to-be, reveals that the couple is actually expecting a... baby girl! Jessi told Newsflare: "My older sister is expecting a baby in September! Not insane about the idea of a gender reveal party, but she is my only sister so it was my job to make her happy and plan the darn thing." "Their doctor and myself were the only two people who knew she was going to have a little girl. For the party, I bought cannons with pink confetti inside -- nothing too over the top, but would make for some great photos." "When the time came for my sister and her husband to pop the cannons, I gave my phone to my dad to record what should have been an explosion of pink confetti while I bent down in the grass with my camera ready to get some memorable shots for them." "When I realized THROUGH THE LENS that the confetti explosion was, in fact, blue...I looked around to find a face at the party who would understand what was happening... Oh yeah...I was the only person who knew. There was obviously a whirlwind of emotions surrounding this f*ck up but after proving to my entire family that I indeed ordered the correct color, and that it was a mistake on behalf of the gender reveal company, they stopped yelling at me so much." "Yes, a few tears were shed (by me), but in the end, all anyone could do was laugh about it. I went into this thinking that gender reveals are stupid and went out of it thinking that gender reveals are stupid."