Parents Surprise Young Daughters With Kitten

A Canadian TikToker captured the heartwarming moment she and her husband surprised their daughters with a kitten.

This video shot by Rebecca Dawson and posted to TikTok on October 9 shows her husband arriving at their home in Fredericton, New Brunswick, carrying a bag and a cat house. Their two daughters, Elle & Ivy, immediately inspect it, with one of them asking, “How do I get in?”

The girls erupt with excitement when their father reveals the kitten.

“We had been planning it for several months,” Rebecca told Storyful, adding that the cat, Posie, is “now the queen of our home.”

“She is so perfect for our family!” Dawson said. “She loves our girls and they love her. It’s sweet to watch – such a good decision!” Credit: Rebecca Dawson via Storyful

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