Parents and teachers speak of anxiety as England's primary schools prepare to reopen

Teachers and parents have shared their anxieties about the Government's decision to reopen most of England's primary schools on January 5. Teachers from Kempsey Primary School in Worcestershire said they were worried about the impact of the fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus in schools where children do not always observe social distancing. Headteacher Byrony Baynes said: "We get sneezed on, coughed on, dribbled on, sicked on, snot wiped on us. We have that on a daily basis. "In a secondary school or further education, you can maintain that two-metre distance because those children understand. But four, five, seven-year-olds? They don't get it." Katie Hancock, whose children attend schools near Tibberton in Gloucestershire, said the virus left her feeling terrified about "the potential that you're sending your children to somewhere where they could get a deadly virus that could not only cause them serious permanent damage, (but) potentially bring it home to you".