Paris attack witness: Gunman came out of car shooting at cop

A witness has described the moment a gunman emerged from a car firing at police before the attacker was shot.

The witness, identified as Chelloug, said: "There was a police van and the guy came in an Audi A80, an old grey Audi.

"He parked just behind the van and he got out with a Kalashnikov and I heard six gunshots.

"I thought they were firecrackers, because we all looked around the road and there was no one.

"In fact, he was hidden behind the van and shooting at the police.

"I think he hit a policeman. As soon as the policeman opened the door of the van, he fell, I think.

"As soon as we saw that, we all ran back inside (a building). We hid and I went up to the first floor and we saw them (the policeman) shoot him (the perpetrator)."

The witness added: "It was one of the policeman who fell. And the one policeman who was injured I think.

"I was two metres away from the van. If it hadn't have been for the van, he'd have killed me I think.

"It was a terrorist.

"He came out with a Kalashnikov and started shooting, but he could've shot us on the pavement and killed more people with a spray of shots - but he targeted the policemen and fortunately there were the policemen who killed him."

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