Paris Hilton on Her Hair Routine and the 2000s Beauty Trends She's 'Sliving' For

In: Glossy lips. Out: Thin brows.

<p>Living Proof</p>

Living Proof

Throughout Paris Hilton's 20 years in the spotlight, she's been known for her gorgeous golden locks. Whether she's slaying a red carpet or a DJ set, her hair takes center stage. Simply put — she's the blonde of all blondes.

She leans on Living Proof products to keep her strands strong and shiny. As such, she's the face of the brand's latest campaign. Ahead, learn about Hilton's hair routine, the Y2K trends she loves (and dreads), and more.

What are the top three elements required for you to consider a day a "good hair day?"

It takes some prep and forward thinking to set yourself up for a good hair day. I love Living Proof’s Restore Collection for this. The key steps to get there I’d say, using a shampoo and conditioner that focuses on repair and shine and following with a mask for extra TLC.

What does your regular hair-care routine look like?

My hair goes through intense styling with the use of hot tools regularly, so my routine is all about repairing and maintaining hair health. One of my favorite products is Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex ($45). I just use it once a week to make my hair stronger and save me from future damage.

What is your favorite thing about the Living Proof Dry Shampoo?

The Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo ($30) lives up to its name, because it makes my hair look so perfect every single time. A lot of dry shampoos just create more build-up in your hair, but I love that Living Proof’s actually cleans it, and makes it smell so good!

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

If you had to pick one look for the rest of your life — bouncy curls, sleek, and straight, or swinging pony — which would you choose and why?

Sleek hair as I wore for this year’s Grammys — sliving!

Who are some of your biggest beauty influences, both personal and celebrity?

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate blonde and just, iconic.

What are your favorite early 2000s beauty looks that have made a comeback?

  • Glossy lips

  • Glitter & sparkles

  • Butterfly clips

<p>Living Proof</p>

Living Proof

What is one beauty trend for this time you hope doesn't return?

Thin eyebrows.

What advice would you give your past self?

To always make sure to deep condition my hair!

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