Paris Students Face Off With Police in Riot Gear Amid COVID-19 Protests

Students across France joined striking teachers in protesting on November 10 the fact that schools have remained open during the country’s current coronavirus lockdown.

This footage, by local journalist Camille Maestracci, shows a line of police in riot gear and a crowd of students outside the General High School Colbert in Paris’s 10th arrondissement.

In Paris and its suburbs, there were reports of clashes between police and students.

France 24 reported that the move by French President Macron to keep schools open has angered teachers and students. Roughly one in 10 teachers took part in the strike on November 10, French media reported. “Organizers say the health of both students and teachers is at risk due to insufficient protocols to protect against the virus. Crowded classrooms and canteens make social distancing difficult,” according to France 24. Credit: @KmilleMaes via Storyful