Parker vs Chisora 2 LIVE! Boxing fight stream, TV channel, latest reaction and undercard results

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Parker vs Chisora 2 LIVE!

Manchester hosts a huge rematch in the heavyweight division tonight as Derek Chisora looks to avenge his controversial defeat to Joseph Parker.

A split decision handed the New Zealander the victory back in May, leaving his rival bemoaning a “horrible” call after 12 ferocious rounds.

They do it all again tonight with the victor hoping to put themselves on course for a world title shot, and the loser potentially looking at a humble end to their time in the ring.

Chisora started the mind games with the silent treatment in their pre-fight press conference before weighing in a couple of pounds lighter than Parker, who also has the height advantage over the Brit.

With a huge undercard underway, follow all the action with Standard Sport’s up-to-the-minute live blog...

Boxing schedule and results

Joseph Parker beats Derek Chisora via unanimous decision

Kevin Sadjo beats Jack Cullen via sixth-round knockout for vacant EBU European super-middleweight title

Zelfa Barrett beats Bruno Tarimo via unanimous decision

Lerrone Richards beats Carlos Gongora via split decision for IBO super-middleweight title

Alen Babic beats David Spilmont via sixth-round knockout

David Nyika beats Anthony Carpin via first-round technical knockout

Cyrus Pattinson vs Evgenii Vazem cancelled, due to Vazem testing positive for Covid-19

Fight highlights

  • Parker wins! Unanimous verdict in New Zealander’s favour

  • Eddie Hearn: Chisora is not human

  • Video highlights

00:19 , Marc Mayo

Recap an enthralling night in Manchester with our report on Parker vs Chisora 2.


00:13 , Marc Mayo

Don’t forget there is EVEN MORE boxing going on tonight - if you’re willing to stay up.

We’ll be covering Jake Paul’s fight against Tyron Woodley in Florida live, which you can follow here.

00:11 , Marc Mayo

The crowd certainly got their money’s worth tonight!

00:03 , Marc Mayo

Curtis Woodhouse suggests it’s time for Chisora to quit as some fighters “need to be saved from themselves”.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:57 , Marc Mayo

A fair bit of love for Chisora from the boxing fraternity tonight...

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:53 , Marc Mayo

The judges’ scores of that one came out at 114-112, 115-110 and 115-111 - perhaps a bit closer than one would have thought?

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:48 , Marc Mayo

Check out the highlights of that crazy fight...

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:41 , Marc Mayo

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:37 , Marc Mayo

Eddie Hearn gives his take on DAZN.

He says: “[Chisora] is not human, how that fight went 12 rounds I don’t know - he deserves so much credit. Zero quit in him, this is the toughest sport in the world.

“I’m sure he will be back but Parker has positioned himself [for a title], there is a queue but he’s alive and kicking.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:35 , Marc Mayo

Parker praises Chisora, and adds: “He’s a credit to the sport of boxing, very entertaining.”

Trainer Andy Lee says: “I’m so proud of [Parker], he’s dedicated himself like he’s never done before and I’m so proud of him.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:34 , Marc Mayo

Joseph Parker first up to give his reaction.

“He was one tough guy,” he says. “What a Christmas present.

“I felt a lot stronger than the first fight, I followed the gameplan as much as I could but there’s still improvements to be made.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:33 , Marc Mayo

Tony Bellew tells DAZN that Chisora could be feeling the effect of tonight for a while.

He says: “Del’s taken an awful lot of punishment tonight, they have a big effect not just on your career but also your long-term health.”

Parker wins!

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:29 , Marc Mayo

It’s a unanimous verdict - Joseph Parker takes the victory!

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:28 , Marc Mayo

Their fight in May, a far less entertaining affair, ended in a split decision. This one should be more unanimous.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:27 , Marc Mayo

An embrace between the two fighters, who could sleep for a week after that contest.

Parker should win it on points but Chisora, his steeliness and phoenix-esque rises from count after count... outstanding.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:26 , Marc Mayo

Round 12: Awesome. Gladiatorial. Epic.

The last bell goes and Chisora has gone the distance against all odds.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:25 , Marc Mayo

Round 12: Parker may be fancying the KO here - constant body shots landed by both men as we head into the final minute.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:23 , Marc Mayo

Here we go...

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:22 , Marc Mayo

Round 11: Every time Parker comes out trying to finish it, he earns a Chisora rally and we are heading into the final round!

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:21 , Marc Mayo

Round 11: Decent from Chisora, landing body shots during continued grapples. Parker isn’t as hot on the heavy blows but a right-hand in the final minute reminds the Brit who’s on top.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:18 , Marc Mayo

Round 10: A gruelling tenth from two fighters virtually spent. Are we destined to head for a points verdict, surely in Parker’s favour, or can either man finish this early?

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:16 , Marc Mayo

Round 10: Parker with fewer punches thrown, but more hits so far. It’s about what you do with it, as they say...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:14 , Marc Mayo

Round 9: Chisora hauls a heavy right-hand over the head of the ducking Parker as he continues to search for a route back into the fight.

Another massive swing-and-a-miss from Chisora almost sends himself onto the canvas, such is his tiredness with Parker sitting back and having to defend out the round.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:12 , Marc Mayo

Round 9: A steely left-right-left punishes Chisora before a huge barrage looks like Parker might be within sight of the win... but not just yet.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:10 , Marc Mayo

“This is where all the work counts,” Chisora’s corner tell the 37-year-old. “Don’t drop your left hand.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:10 , Marc Mayo

Round 8: Parker begins to land more jabs and a simple nudge sends Chisora back into the ropes!

The count gets to seven before he settles back into the corner for the final seconds... and makes it to the bell.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:08 , Marc Mayo

Round 8: Grapples aplenty as both men look like they need each other to stay on their feet at times, such is the draining nature of this encounter.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:06 , Marc Mayo

We’ll be out of ! by the end of this one. Such a titanic, to-and-fro battle and Parker must wonder how he isn’t currently celebrating the victory.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:06 , Marc Mayo

Round 7: Parker goes for the finish! Chisora, lodged in the corner, has a whole minute to last and three left uppercuts somehow don’t manage to end it!

Chisora then rallies straight into a right punch, and he’s battered his rival into the other corner. How has he done that?!

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:04 , Marc Mayo

Round 7: Parker downs Chisora with the uppercut! The count is seen off by the Brit!

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:02 , Marc Mayo

Sandstorm by Darude blares out over the Manchester Arena tannoy. This fight has certainly not been lacking for energy...

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:02 , Marc Mayo

Round 6: Fantastic jab from Chisora lights up Parker momentarily and he gets one back, with something extra, before the bell.

Saturday 18 December 2021 23:01 , Marc Mayo

Round 6: Parker has definitely slowed up, or is perhaps listening to his corner and not getting dragged into the Chisora madness.

A big one-two reminds the Brit he is still up against it but Chisora’s chin holds firm.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:58 , Marc Mayo

Round 5: Those final fireworks showed Parker he cannot just finish this as he pleases, and he comes out calmly in the fifth.

The two heavyweights gather their energy but only for a moment as the round closes with some hefty hits from both men - Chisora lunging two huge swipes as the bell rings that fail to land.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:55 , Marc Mayo

If this is to be Chisora’s last major fight, what a trademark showing it has been so far...

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:54 , Marc Mayo

Round 4: Chisora needs a count to step back into the fight, can he survive the final 40 seconds?

The veteran settles into his corner to try and see out the round before Parker attacks, and Chisora throws a huge reply before the bell! Amazing grit from the Brit!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:53 , Marc Mayo

Round 4: Parker looks content to ride the Chisora waves, which are far from mild, as the fourth is stodgier, scrappier until Parker lands a big uppercut!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:50 , Marc Mayo

Round 3: Parker ticked off by the referee for a long grapple on the ropes and Chisora shows signs of life as the round comes to a close.

The home favourite is refusing to lie down and delivers a hit of his own to see out round three. Breathless stuff.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:48 , Marc Mayo

Round 3: Again, Chisora comes out strongly before Parker attempts to readjust the fight and gets his man against the ropes!

It’s big trouble for Chisora!

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:46 , Marc Mayo

“Be smart, don’t get involved in a fight with this guy,” trainer Andy Lee tells Parker. “You’re breaking him down, keep the fight at your pace.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:46 , Marc Mayo

Round 2: Punches flying left, right and centre as Parker begins the second half of the round with a great right-hander.

A long grapple allows a moment of respite before Parker gets to work again.

The bell goes after a fresh hit lands on Chisora - the Kiwi is on top!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:44 , Marc Mayo

Round 2: Here comes Chisora! A heavy flurry from Brit kicks off the second with intent and Parker has to rely on his chin to survive.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:43 , Marc Mayo

That was a pretty convincing start from Parker, what can Chisora produce in reply?

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:41 , Marc Mayo

Round 1: Unlike the first fight, it’s Parker coming out more aggressively.

Chisora takes a minute before throwing hands but Parker lands a stunning right-hand to emphasise his early authority on the match.


Saturday 18 December 2021 22:38 , Marc Mayo

We’re underway...

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:38 , Marc Mayo

No doubt who the Manchester fans are backing tonight, huge cheers for Chisora as he is announced to the crowd.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:35 , Marc Mayo

The WBO Intercontinental heavyweight title is on the line tonight, with Parker a former champion with the organisation before defeat at the hands of Anthony Joshua in 2018.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:33 , Marc Mayo

Parker, the favourite who won their initial bout in May by a split decision, arrives after a training montage promising to “absolutely smash” Chisora.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:29 , Marc Mayo

A nice bit of ‘Hotel California’ accompanies Chisora as he struts across the entrance before beginning his ring walk.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:27 , Marc Mayo

Here come the fighters...

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:24 , Marc Mayo

The Manchester Arena belts out “Oh Derek Chisora” with the ring walks coming up...

Eddie Hearn tells DAZN Chisora is “top of the tree for putting you on edge” after taping his mouth up for the pre-fight press conference.

“He loves a fight, he has a big heart, and he loves to entertain packed houses like this,” he adds.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:20 , Marc Mayo

Here are the key stats ahead of the fight:

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:18 , Marc Mayo

Ricky Hatton has warned the loser of tonight’s main card that they may face having to retire from boxing.

He wrote in the Metro: “I think now it is the simple case that the winner stays in contention to fight for another world title shot somewhere along the line and for the loser, maybe it is time to hang the gloves up.

“I think both have seen ever so slightly better days. It will still be a good win for whoever does get their hand raised at the end of the night, one that opens up big opportunities.

“But the loser will have to have a serious look at where they are going next in their career.”


Saturday 18 December 2021 22:15 , Marc Mayo

Eddie Hearn has told Derek Chisora to maintain his elite heavyweight career with victory tonight.

The Matchroom promoter wrote in his BBC column: “We will have a huge crowd on Saturday and I am anticipating a phenomenal atmosphere.

“I can see it really lifting Chisora. Although he will tell you he expects to fight for many years to come, he really must beat Parker to remain in these top-tier fights.

“What an amazing servant he has been. I know he has suffered some defeats but look at the pedigree of his opponents. Tyson Fury twice, Vitali Klitschko, Oleksandr Usyk, David Haye, Joseph Parker and he was robbed of the win against Robert Helenius and Kubrat Pulev.”

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:13 , Marc Mayo

Next up: Parker vs Chisora 2!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:12 , Marc Mayo


Saturday 18 December 2021 22:11 , Marc Mayo

An absolutely mega body shot just ended that bout in an instant, Tony Bellew tells DAZN “it looks like he’s cracked a rib there”.

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:08 , Marc Mayo

Sadjo continues to celebrate, doing push-ups in the ring as the referee tells him to cut it out.

Cullen is receiving treatment in the ring but is back up to his feet.

Sadjo wins!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:07 , Marc Mayo

Round 6: Cullen is down! He throws his mouthguard to the ground and the referee ends it!

Sadjo goes wild with Manchester Arena muted!

Saturday 18 December 2021 22:05 , Marc Mayo

Round 5: A proper to-and-fro fight, this. Sadjo more than once getting on top before Cullen forces his way back into- his opponent with a steely flurry.

No sign of a knockout blow though, with the fans perhaps wanting the main event after the last two undercards went the distance...


Saturday 18 December 2021 22:00 , Marc Mayo

Round 4: Sadjo delivers a big right-hand or two to open the round, before being warned about losing a point for hitting the back of the head.

But Cullen fights back to pin Sadjo against the ropes with some convincing body hits, before earning an overhand right-hook in reply.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:57 , Marc Mayo

Round 3: That cut came from a clash of heads and it’s easy to see why, with Sadjo burying his head in Cullen’s chin as he unloads the body shots.

A tighter, cooler round perhaps favours Cullen who can now ramp up some big shots in the coming exchanges.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:53 , Marc Mayo

Round 2: Sadjo gets Cullen against the ropes and a fierce hook gets through his defences, which came just after a small cut opened up above the Brit’s eye.

A strong finish from Cullen, who works some space to open up his speedy, ranging jab.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:49 , Marc Mayo

Cullen told by his corner “don’t get careless” as the second round begins.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:48 , Marc Mayo

Round 1: Early pressure from the home favourite with Cullen, a lanky lightning bolt of a fighter, over his bull-like opponent who spends much of the opening exchanges with his head down in the chest of his rival.

Sadjo stumbles in a grapple but no drama as this electric start continues - a true battle of two very different styles, ramped up by the raucous crowd.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:44 , Marc Mayo

Biggest cheer of the night as Cullen, the ‘Little Lever Meat Cleaver’, is introduced to his adoring fans.

Next up: Jack Cullen vs Kevin Sadjo

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:41 , Marc Mayo

The final undercard fight of the night will contest the vacant European super-middleweight title, vacated by Lerrone Richards who became the IBF world belt-holder earlier tonight.

Cullen, a 20-2-1 fighter out of Little Lever in Bolton, faces 16-0 Frenchman Kevin Sadjo - a late replacement after Emre Cukur pulled out with a hand injury.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:37 , Marc Mayo

Pure joy, and perhaps a tinge of relief, after that one from Zelfa Barrett.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:33 , Marc Mayo

Not long to wait until the main event! Here are the latest fight odds, provided by Betfair.

Chisora to win: 21/10

Draw: 16/1

Parker to win: 4/11

Parker to win by KO or TKO: 9/4

Chisora to win by KO or TKO: 7/2

Parker to win by another split decision: 15/2

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:30 , Marc Mayo

This man is up next...

The man known as ‘Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver’, Jack Cullen fights in front of a huge support from his hometown in the north-west.

Barrett wins!

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:26 , Marc Mayo

It’s a unanimous verdict in favour of Manchester’s Zelfa Barrett!

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:23 , Marc Mayo

Round 12: A tangle of legs sends Barrett to the canvas but no harm done, as the pair see out an energetic contest that Barrett has had to be patient and professional - if unspectacular - with.

Tarimo has buzzed about and taken a fair few hits, the number of which should earn Barrett the points verdict.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:19 , Marc Mayo

Round 11: Tarimo comes out quickly, forcing Barrett into a right-hander on the counter that lands nicely. Nothing substantial coming from the Tanzanian, who takes a fresh uppercut to the face late in the round.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:15 , Marc Mayo

Round 10: Barrett well on top, delivering a number of body shots that his opponent has taken well all night. A short flurry is seen off well by Tarimo and this eliminator victory is within sight for the Brit.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:12 , Marc Mayo

Round 9: Tarimo is digging in and Barrett looks happy to put miles on the clock, but ends the round with a sharp right-hander to the cheekbone.

Saturday 18 December 2021 21:07 , Marc Mayo

Round 8: A sweet jab gets through Tarimo’s gate but Barrett is somewhat reserved, not particularly aggressive, as the round drifts by. Not enough to get this home crowd roaring.


Saturday 18 December 2021 21:03 , Marc Mayo

Round 7: More comfortable for Barrett with Tarimo certainly slowing now, although the Brit doesn’t pile on any major misery as the second half of the fight begins.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:59 , Marc Mayo

Round 6: Even the slightest sign of Tarimo dropping off doesn’t make him look slow - but Barrett is getting well on top now.

The Manchester fighter can manoeuvre out of a desperate flurry late on and is taking his time to pick a definitive blow.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:55 , Marc Mayo

Round 5: Better from Barrett as two right-handers set himself up for a heavy barrage in the last minute of the round.

How is Tarimo still going with such energy?! He survives with a good final spell that makes it seem like he was never hit at all.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:51 , Marc Mayo

Round 4: A slow-burner of a round threatens to explode late on as Barrett throws in a pair of strong punches.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:47 , Marc Mayo

Round 3: Barrett’s power begins to tell as Tarimo hits the canvas TWICE!

He comes back with a fantastic jab to the face as the crowd gets involved for the first time tonight.

The fireworks simmer down for the second half of the round with Tarimo unperturbed by those trips down south.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:43 , Marc Mayo

Round 2: Pushed against the ropes, Barrett pulls out a pair of hits to Tarimo’s body. A left-hook keeps the Tanzanian fresh but his energy is unwavering and he puts Barrett in the corner for the bell.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:40 , Marc Mayo

Round 1: Tarimo, the pocket rocket to the comparatively towering 5ft 7in Barrett, buzzes around the ring and comes out just on top of that first round.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:33 , Marc Mayo

Tony Bellew points out as the ring walks begin that Barrett has already beaten IBF featherweight champ Kiko Martinez - but only a win tonight will keep him on track with a world title shot of his own.

Next up: Zelfa Barrett vs Bruno Tarimo

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:27 , Marc Mayo

A super-featherweight IBF world title eliminator for Manchester’s own Barrett, 26-1, and Aussie-Tanzanian fighter Tarimo, who has a 26-2-2 record.

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:21 , Marc Mayo

Who is John backing, do we reckon? Tyson’s big pal Parker?

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:18 , Marc Mayo

“The best is yet to come,” Richards tells DAZN with his new belt on his shoulder. “I’m so happy I got this victory.”

“I thought he won comfortably,” Eddie Hearn adds. “He’s going to be really difficult to beat - he’ll have to be more exciting at the top level to be a real star but he has got bundles of ability.”

And the new...

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:14 , Marc Mayo

It’s a split decision in Lerrone Richards’ favour! The Brit takes the IBO super-middleweight title!

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:11 , Marc Mayo

Round 12: Richards doesn’t come out to see out a stodgy, nervy round - and instead throws plenty of hands at Gongora to rumble his opponent.

The onus is surely on the defending champ to try and finish this one, but he takes a big right-hand jab as the halfway mark passes.

The bell goes and we await the points verdict from the three judges...

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:06 , Marc Mayo

Round 11: Into the final knockings and now it may be a case of whether Gongora can finally land that trademark knockout blow to avoid a points defeat.

That simply doesn’t happen in the 11th although the Ecuadorian is not going anywhere, and will surely storm out of the blocks in the final round...

Saturday 18 December 2021 20:02 , Marc Mayo

Round 10: Another strong round from Richards, continually evasive in the face of Gongora’s telegraphed hacks.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:58 , Marc Mayo

Round 9: Gongora finding his mojo and moves through the gears with a row of heavy punches landing on Richards.

Richards sits himself on top of the Ecuadorian to slow him down and get through a tricky round.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:54 , Marc Mayo

Round 8: Richards’ landed-jab tally at 27 as the round progresses, the most Gongora has ever faced in his career.

Mind you, only two of his 20 fights have ever made it this far.

A timeout is called after Richards loses his mouthguard, after which he finishes the round strongly, ducking a pair of mighty swipes.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:51 , Marc Mayo

Look who’s here...

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:50 , Marc Mayo

Round 7: Richards giving something back now, which draws Gongora out even further and may play into the world champion’s hands.

It’s very tough to say where this one is going. Richards has been more than a match for the favourite, but Gongora’s power is also dangling over the Brit.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:46 , Marc Mayo

Round 6: A bit scrappier as we approach the halfway stage. Some nice ducking and diving from Richards to end the round.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:42 , Marc Mayo

Round 5: Gongora goes on the attack and Richards bounces back nicely. The more pressure the European champion is put under, the more fluid he looks.

A run of left-handers from Gongora reminds the crowd why he is the big favourite before the bell.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:39 , Marc Mayo

Tony Bellew scoring this one for DAZN has Richards ahead by two points as the fifth round begins.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:38 , Marc Mayo

Round 4: Gongora showing his intent a bit more but, if anything, that is falling into Richards’ gameplan with the Brit very light on his feet and confident in his chin.

Saturday 18 December 2021 19:34 , Marc Mayo

Round 3: Richards holding the early advantage in terms of punches landed, but not by much. With a full 12 rounds on the card, it may be up to Gongora to up the ante if there is to be an early finish.

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