How's my parking? Blundering driver flattens tree and mounts car in disastrous manoeuvre

Somehow this driver managed to run over a tree, Peugeot 206 and Mini before he realised his error (SWNS)

Trying to find an empty parking bay during the Christmas season is always a bit of a nightmare, but this hapless driver got his parallel parking remarkably wrong, with disastrous consequences.

The middle-aged motorist, who has not been named, drove over a tree, Peugeot 406 and a Mini in an effort to find the best parking spot.

The moment was captured on camera by warehouse worker Tom Evans, 27, at a retail park in Rugby, Warks, last Friday.

The driver of the Rav 4 had apparently been looking for a space at the Cineworld car park.

Luckily, there was nobody parked in the stationary cars at the time and the driver was uninjured.

Tom, from Rugby, passed the bizarre scene on his way to a hospital appointment.

He said: "I couldn't believe my eyes as I drove past. I had to get out my car and take a picture.

"You sometimes hear of drivers having a slight mishap but to run over two cars as well as taking down a tree is something else.

"Talking to people at the scene, it appears the man's foot slipped from the clutch and he has just careered over the two vehicles.

"You can't help but laugh but you've got to feel for the poor bloke."

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service, said: "We were called to the Junction 1 retail park in Rugby at around 9.56am on Friday to reports a 4x4 had driven over a Mini.

"An ambulance was in attendance and a patient was checked over at the scene but fortunately he was uninjured."