Council erects SIXTY THREE 'no parking' signs along one narrow country lane (that's one every 25 metres)

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This over-zealous council really wants drivers to know about its parking restrictions.

Cornwall Council has been slammed for wasting taxpayers' money after it erected 63 'no parking' signs along a country lane measuring one mile.

The lane in Newquay, Cornwall, already has double yellow lines but the council decided it needed the warnings every 84ft.

Residents say they can't understand why so many are needed - and say Rural West Pentire Road is so narrow that people very rarely attempt to park there anyway.

Cornwall Council said the notices were essential to enforce seasonal parking restrictions that run from June 1 to Sept 30.

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But the unitary authority has agreed to consider "alternative parking management options" that could eventually see some of them removed.

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A spokesman said: "This is likely to require changes to the operational times of the parking restrictions in the village, and a statutory consultation process will be required and must be satisfactorily completed before any changes to signing can take place.

"The operation of parking restrictions at the same time in the village is likely to result in the need for fewer signs which will look better and will not impact on enforcement operations."

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Local councillor Lisa Shuttlewood said she asked the council's portfolio holder for Transport and Waste, Bert Biscoe, to come and take a look at the signs, which were rigged up in December.

She said: "He was of the same opinion as me and couldn't understand why so many are needed."

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