'Parking ticket issue lies with BCP Council's subcontractors'

Milburn Road car park in Westbourne
Milburn Road car park in Westbourne

THE lady in Crichel Mount in Poole who received a parking fine that was clearly not hers – she was lucky to have an sensible friend who calmed her down in the panic that manifests itself when you are, hopefully, a law abiding citizen.

I have had a similar experience in Westbourne and Poole car parks.

The fault lies with the subcontractors that the BCP council uses to issue tickets.

This, I presume is the hope that some of the people will pay and the rest will not pay.

Taking non-parking payment offenders to court is a complete waste of time. Also it is not viable.

The contractors are hoping that most people will ‘pay up and shut up’.

After all, if you live a large house in a good area what is the point of disputing the fine.

It is rather like going into a supermarket and disputing the cost of the goods.

You pays your money and you takes your choice.


St James Close, Poole