Parking warning for Taylor Swift Edinburgh gig goers as strict road rules in place

Taylor Swift is coming to Edinburgh
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Taylor Swift fans planning on driving through from Glasgow to the shows in Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium have been given more information regarding parking.

As well as dealing with traffic on the M8, Glasgow fans have been told there is no parking available at the Murrayfield stadium itself, while those with blue badges will have to gain a space through a ballot system.

Edinburgh Council have confirmed several road closures around the stadium, and dedicated sections have been set up as pick-up and drop-off points.

For those fans driving through to the capital, here is everything you need to know.

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Fans and drivers are being reminded that there will be extremely heavy traffic on all surrounding streets and to plan your journey accordingly.

Fans hoping to camp at Murrayfield should also be warned that this has been banned by the Council either at the Stadium or in the nearby Roseburn Park.

Marshals will be on hand to help, they will have chargers if you need to recharge your mobile and there will be water points close to the stadium.

Scottish Rugby has a dedicated webpage with information for ticket holders.

Parking for the Taylor Swift Edinburgh Murrayfield shows

The events team at the stadium has confirmed that there will be additional parking for cars at the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston.

The Taylor Swift Off-Site Car Park there will be for cars only, and will be supported by Lothian Bus services.

Drivers are asked to book in advance and pay £15 for a slot prior to the show. This can be done via

The accessible car park is located in closer to the stadium at Murrayfield Ice Rink and due to the high demand, spaces will be allocated through a ballot, which is done in advance of show day.

Access to this car park for the event will only be permitted with a date-specific venue parking pass.

Drop off points for Taylor Swift fans

Two official drop-off locations have been set up to the North of the stadium on Costorphine Road. Ticket holders are being reminded that they will only be able to get dropped off but not collected at the end of Taylor Swift's show as there will be a road closure in place.

For those approaching the stadium from the south, there is two additional two drop-off points; one located at Balgreen Road, near to Gorgie Road and a second on Russel Road. Swifties will be able to get collected from these two spots.

Train from Glasgow to Edinburgh information

ScotRail confirmed that Swifties travellling by train will have more seats and trains to choose from departing from both Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street, as well as there being additional late-night services to get fans home after the events.

Fans who aren't from Glasgow should note that services from Glasgow Central Station will take longer than those from Queen Street to get to Edinburgh.

Additional late-night services will operate from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Dundee, Dunblane, and Perth, with the last time a service will depart Edinburgh for Glasgow Queen Street being 12.12 am to give fans plenty of time to get to a station from the gig.

Fans are being asked to book their return tickets in advance via the ScotRail app to save time and to also be prepared for busier than usual services both in the afternoon and coming home.

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