Parler reappears on web, still not in app stores

Social media platform Parler is back online... sort of.

A placeholder website is up - but it's still not usable, and remains gone from app stores.

Chief executive John Matze posted a brief message over the weekend, where he asks “hello world, is this thing on?”

That was above a statement promising to restore service after technical challenges are overcome.

Parler all but disappeared following the storming of Capitol Hill.

Critics said it was used to incite the unrest, and wasn’t doing enough to police violent content.

Apple and Google banned it from their app stores in response.

Amazon then suspended it from its web hosting service, effectively taking it offline.

Conservative social media users have flocked to Parler in recent months, citing what they see as censorship on mainstream platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The company has rejected all allegations against it, saying there’s no evidence it was used to organise unrest.

Last week it began a legal bid to force Amazon to restore its account.