Parts of Scotland hit by earthquake as trembles felt in Highlands and Islands

A general view of Mallaig (Martin Keene/PA Wire)
A general view of Mallaig (Martin Keene/PA Wire)

PARTS of Scotland were hit by an earthquake as trembles were felt in the Highlands and Islands

The earthquake, measuring 2.1ML on the Richter scale, hit Morvern in the Highlands just before 3.30pm.

It was felt by islanders on Lismore, Inner Hebrides, and by villagers in Mallaig and Morar, Highlands.

The British Geological Survey asked for people to share their experiences of the quake online.

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Residents of Lismore described a “loud rumbling sound”.

Villagers in Mallaig and Morar said they also “felt a weak trembling”, as well as experiencing the same noise.

Since October 10, Morvern has been hit by 10 earthquakes.

On December 3, a quake measuring 1.1ML was recorded, and all the previous ones were smaller.

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