Passenger Pens Desperate Note To Flight Attendant Complaining About Farting On Plane

At 30,000 feet, there is no hiding place from smelly farts.

The problem with air travel is that each passenger must breathe in the same air as everyone else on the flight.

But when that air is polluted with the stench that comes with persistent flatulence, then it’s time to notify the cabin crew.

That is what happened on one particular flight, in which a disgruntled traveller, fed up with another passenger’s smelly farts, penned a handwritten plea on a napkin and passed it to a flight attendant.

The note went viral after it was posted on Reddit by user Garwee20 with the title, “My flight attendant mom got this napkin from an upset passenger”.

The napkin contains the following message: “I don’t know if you can make an announcement, but if you can, you should say that whoever is farting in the areas of rows 10 to 12 should definitely see a doctor because they might have ass cancer.”

Other Reddit users wanted to know if the flight attendant made the requested announcement, but fortunately for the mystery farter, she did not.

(Pictures: Rex and Imgur/Garwee20)