Passengers baffled after Stansted Express train 'kills cow'

Eleanor Rose
The front of the Stansted Express train was damaged after striking the cow: Twitter/Thenerdtheword

Travellers were left baffled after their Stansted Express service ploughed into a cow on the tracks.

Passengers on the 8.30am service from Stansted Airport to London Liverpool Street tweeted their confusion after the collision at Sawbridgeworth on Thursday.

"The Stansted Express to London City that I'm in just hit a large cow apparently..." wrote one woman.

The travellers wrote of their concern for the bovine's welfare.

"We just hit a cow with the train and she is dead?!?!?!?!?!?!?" wrote one passenger.

"Seeing as the train is missing part of its front I'm guessing the cow is not ok," said one man alongside a picture of the front of the train with the right half of its lower shell missing.

The train was taken out of service due to damage to the front and delays on the line were expected until mid-morning.

Greater Anglia confirmed the train struck a cow shortly before 9am causing the line to shut for a short time.

A spokeswoman could not confirm the condition of the cow but said she believed it "wouldn't be positive".