Passengers on board luxury gin train experience 'herded like cattle' and given 'less than a measure'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Passengers were not happy with their luxury gin train experience (Rex/posed by model)

Passengers hoping for a luxury drinking journey on board a train cruising through the countryside have spoken out about their ‘appalling’ experience.

The Gin Train was advertised as a way to ‘experience some of the newest gins on the market, with new gins to try at every stop.

Railroad Events said that passengers could ‘sip a sundowner aboard a vintage train while watching the countryside gently rolling by’.

However, several passengers complained that they were ‘herded like cattle’ once the evening service began on Friday.

Problems seemed to arrive once guests started asking for mixers for their gins.

Trouble erupted on the train when passengers asked staff for mixers (Rex/posed by model)

Chris Bone, who was on board the train from Dereham to Wymondham and back again with his partner Elaine Round, paid extra for VIP treatment.

He said: ‘The coach was absolutely boiling and we couldn’t open the windows. The train started off and they gave us the gin samples but it was just neat gin.

‘They didn’t provide mixers so we had to buy a £10 card to get them. I thought, hang on, we spent £100 here, it was unbelievable, appalling and terrible.’

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HR consultant Deborah Amiss added: ‘It was a complete shambles. Staff had no idea what was going on.

‘The measures of gin were laughable. For £40 each we had less than a single measure of gin in total.’

Railroad Events defended the Gin Train experience, stating that there were ‘numerous customers who left positive feedback on our Facebook page’.

Railroad Events said many customers provided positive feedback for the event (Facebook/Railroad Events)

Matt Frost from Norwich wrote on their page: ‘We have just finished our Gin Train Experience and I must say we had a brilliant trip! Staff were fab, gins were lovely and the train ride was really relaxing! After all the negatives I was not expecting too much but it exceeded our expectations and will definitely look to book up again!’

Lynne Stabler added: ‘Thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, a fabulous trip. Previous difficulties had clearly been sorted out. Would book again!’

Railroad Events said in a statement: ‘We understand that some customers were disappointed and felt that the event fell short of their expectations…

‘We received some very positive feedback for our first service which ran on Friday 15th June, we responded very quickly to any negative feedback and adjusted staffing levels accordingly.’

A spokesman added: ‘Our increased staffing levels for the on-board bar immediately ironed out the earlier teething problems on Friday’s trains.

‘We reacted to feedback immediately and are pleased so many customers enjoyed the remaining trains over the weekend.’