Passengers who have a connecting flight warned 'do not buy' certain item

A flight expert has warned tourists to avoid buying certain items if they have a stopover. A YouTube video creator and content platform has shared the guidance with holidaymakers and tourists before the busy summer season.

Megan runs the YouTube channel Portable Professional and warned passengers to make sure they are prepared for security checks at their stopover airport. She advised: "When flying internationally with connections, a mistake travellers make is not preparing for additional security checks.

"It's important to prepare for security checks just as you would when you arrive at the airport for your initial flight departure. Liquids that are stored in containers of 3.4 ounces (100ml) or smaller must be placed in a clear, single, quart-sized (950ml-sized) bag to go through the security screening.

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"So, if you filled up your water bottle before boarding your first flight but didn't drink it on the plane, or if you grabbed an extra can of soda from the flight attendant during your flight, make sure to either consume these or dispose of them before your next security screening."

She added: "Also, avoid buying liquid items, such as bodywash, at the airport before your initial flight. It's frustrating to buy something new, only to have to throw it away at the second security screening you will likely go through between flights, especially if you have an international connection."

She continued: "Another big mistake that travellers can make on a layover is not realising that the security screening process might vary by country, and sometimes even by airport. The type of reuseable liquids bags accepted can differ across regions. For instance, the bags that are standard in the US might not be acceptable in Europe, where you might need to transfer your items into a smaller bag, potentially forcing you to discard some of the things that don't fit."