Passengers Film Smoke Outside Window After Spirit Airlines Plane Catches Fire at Atlanta Airport

Brakes in the landing gears of a Spirit Airlines plane caught fire after touching down in Atlanta, Georgia, on the morning of July 10.

In video recorded by Twitter user @imgoinscottie, a concerned passengers stands in their seat to look out the window to see the fire. In another video, an emergency vehicle can be seen outside the plane window as smoke from the fire rises into view.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport confirmed the incident, and reported that Atlanta Fire Rescue put out the fire. The airport said that no one had been injured and “operations have not been impacted.” Credit: @imgoinscottie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Ladies and gentlemen, stay seated. Stay seated. We do not have to evacuate right now. Please remain seated.

- Stay seated. Everyone, keep the aisles clear. Stay seated, please.


Go back to your seats. We do not have to evacuate. Please go back to your seats. Thank you.

- If the pilots give us the demand to evacuate, we will evacuate, but please remain seated right now and keep the aisles clear. If we do have to evacuate, please just leave your bags. We will let you know. Please remain seated.

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