Passengers Queue at Denver Airport Amid Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations

Passengers at Denver International Airport, Colorado, were reporting long delays as Southwest Airlines canceled dozens of flights out of the airport on Sunday, October 10, according to local reports.

According to a report by 9news, Southwest canceled at least 145 flights from Denver International Airport on Sunday.

Footage by Ryan Lacy shows a long queue of people snaking around a corner at the airport.

In a statement released on Saturday, the airline saidATC issues and disruptive weather” led to a “high volume of cancelations”.

According to a report by USA Today, citing a memo to Southwest Airlines employees, the airline apologized for canceling nearly 1,900 flights across the country over the weekend.

“I’m sorry for the struggles that you and our customers are experiencing, once again,‘’ Alan Kasher, the airline’s executive vice president of daily operations said. Credit: Ryan Lacy via Storyful

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