Passengers are rescued after bus slipping off a ferry ramp

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Watch the moment this bus is rescued from the ocean after slipping off a ferry ramp!

The tour bus was boarding a ferry in mainland Kenya to go to Likoni Island when it came off the ramp and plunged into the sea.

The Pollman's Tours and Safaris bus slid into the Likoni Ferry Channel in Mombasa at about 10:45 on January 10.

It was reported that the driver was attempting to board the ferry MV Jambo, but the bus fell into the Indian Ocean as a result of heavy rains that had made the ramp slippery.

It is officially reported that the bus had two passengers at the time, the driver and his assistant, and both were rescued at the scene. 

The rescue mission was undertaken by members of the public with Kenya Ferry Services staff, Kenya Coast Guard and the National Police Service officers who were on duty.

It is reported to have taken four and a half hours to recover the bus.

Dicken Muchena, 27, recorded the footage of the bus after being alerted by the commotion.

The teacher and photographer said: "The bus was getting into the ferry to cross from mainland to Likoni island, and it lost control and plunged into the ocean.

"Lifesavers fortunately responded and saved everyone although two adults almost drowned and were in critical condition.

"I was doing a model photoshoot by the beach when I heard noises from the ferry channel, 

"I immediately figured something was wrong at the ferry and I rushed over, only to find the bus sinking slowly into the ocean after nosediving with passengers inside.

"It was a disheartening experience for me since I couldn't help much but experts took control and saved lives."

It is reported that Kenya Ferry Services have since deployed staff to clean the ramp that caused the accident.