Passengers Sing 'Star-Spangled Banner' on Flight From San Francisco to DC

Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Washington chanted “USA” and sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” on January 5, in support of President Donald Trump ahead of a planned “Stop the Steal” rally scheduled in DC for January 6.

Lisa Lamping took this video while aboard United flight 487 from San Fransisco, California, to Washington Dulles International Airport. Lamping told Storyful: “I told the girl sitting next to me we should get everyone to sing a song and we were nervous to do it but we could feel the energy and excitement building as we landed. So the two of us just started to sing. Her name was Natalie from Boise Idaho.”

The passengers can also be heard chanting Trump’s name at the end of the footage.

On Tuesday, several videos were posted online showing pro-Trump supporters chanting and singing. Credit: Clatsop News via Storyful